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Cognizance in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2017-02-09Updated:2017-02-09
Synonym: awarenesscognisanceconsciousnesskenknowingnessSimilar words: recognizeincognitocognitiverecognisedrecognitionsignificanceurbanizationorganizationMeaning: ['kɑgnɪzəns/'kɒg-] n. 1. having knowledge of 2. range of what one can know or understand 3. range or scope of what is perceived. 
1. These matters fall within / go beyond the cognizance of this court.
2. The lawyer asked the jury to take cognizance of the defendant's generosity in giving to charity.
3. Judged harmless, Paul was released on his own cognizance.
4. He has full cognizance of the risks involved.
5. It was a military program developed under the cognizance of the Defense Department.
6. The omnifarious trademark torts make the cognizance work more difficulty. The authority department appears unable to help the trademark owners toward the special infringement lacking law to regulate.
7. Little cognizance is taken of these events.
8. This graduation project my primary cognizance client side hospital information management realization organization and design.
9. The cognizance of complicity of defalcation should be based on the principle of the general provisions of the criminal law.
10. In the procedure of criminal cognizance of epidemical prevention and cure(Sentencedict), we should look sharply at the changes of new and old criminal law and the related judicatory explanation.
11. As a remedial procedure of the law case cognizance after the event, the civil re-trial procedure holds the balance to all of the civil action system.
12. Work and so on primary cognizance employment advertise, insurance, checking attendance.
13. The cognizance of the conditional fatal injury.
14. We do not take cognizance of these forces.
15. Still have to socialistic labour force demesne the cognizance of attribute, having important real sense.
16. Classics cognizance, carrying out dacoity 6 people is one walks the street gang " undergraduate club ".
17. He in company primary cognizance recording sale income and stock.
18. The judge had cognizance of the new facts in your case.
19. When sessional cognizance, two paraclete of Meng Mou undertook innocent plead for him.
20. Special cognizance encroachs patent case this court.
21. However the consumers' connatural cognizance towards the international brand image had centralized on internationalization and grand brands.
22. In the light of the new evidence that the court can now take cognizance of, the case is dropped.
23. Of course, in both enumerative and faceted schemes, it is necessary to take cognizance of new simple subjects.
24. During my travels , as a matter of recreation, I've taken cognizance some of women.
25. People is very good-tempered also to this, won't because of the kitchen feculent and of cognizance host not quite laborious.
26. We plan to return confederative place court as soon as possible, make the cognizance proceed of the case.
27. Compared to other groups, university men are a special group, who are both youth and clerisy . Their political cognizance is accordingly special, too.
28. Military government is placed within the domain of international law, while martial law is within the cognizance of municipal law.
29. In admitting battle-scarred vets back to civilian life, most campuses took cognizance of any educational training taken by many GIs while in service.
30. In trying a process, because details of a case is complex, river district court applies for approval city tall courtyard approves delay to try a month on the west, cognizance is terminative recently.
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