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Constant in a sentence

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Antonym: changeableinconstantmutableSimilar words: instantinstantlyconsultantinstancedistantfor instanceassistantsubstantialMeaning: ['kɑnstənt /'kɒn-] n. 1. a quantity that does not vary 2. a number representing a quantity assumed to have a fixed value in a specified mathematical context. adj. 1. persistent in occurrence and unvarying in nature 2. continually recurring or continuing without interruption 3. steadfast in purpose or devotion or affection 4. uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing. 
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1. A constant guest is never welcome. 
2. A man should keep his friendship in constant repair. 
3. He who makes constant complaint gets little compassion. 
4. Constant dropping wears away a stone. 
5. Every member of the organization should be constant to its regulations.
6. He was harried by constant bothering of his fans.
7. The constant pain made her life intolerable.
8. Her mind was in a state of constant turmoil.
9. I was infuriated by / with their constant criticism.
10. She was in constant physical pain.
11. She had a constant parade of young men coming to visit her.
12. Outside the tent I could hear the constant drone of insects.
13. This suit has been in constant wear for two years.
14. In cases of severe mental handicap, constant supervision is recommended.
15. Always my a pair comity is constant.
16. The farm was in / under constant requisition as a base for the rescue team.
17. Constant dropping wears the stone.
18. The heavy traffic is a constant source of irritation .
19. How do you demonstrate that the pressure remains constant?
20. The dog has been her constant companion these past ten years.
21. John received constant physical and psychological abuse from his father.
22. The constant threat of danger kept us all on our toes.
23. The level of unemployment remains fairly constant at around 10%.
24. Her constant chatter was starting to annoy me.
25. I could hear the constant hum of distant traffic.
26. For ten years he had been her constant companion .
27. The family is a constant shear flows, flow of mind wandering forever; love is like a hill endless sand, precipitation is the long-term accumulation of care; family like the night sky the Beidou[], guided the lost lamb is the direction to go home.
28. He laboured under the constant misapprehension that nobody liked him.
29. The greatest friend of truth is time, her greatest enemy is prejudice, and her constant companion is humility. 
30. The daring of his exploits had been hugely magnified by constant telling.
More similar words: instantinstantlyconsultantinstancedistantfor instanceassistantsubstantialconstructsubstantiallyconstraintconstituteconstructionconstitutionconstructingconstitutionalnon-stopmonsterstandinstallstand bystand forstancestand upstand outimportantreluctantstandardCONSdemonstrate
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