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Hasten in a sentence

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Antonym: delaySimilar words: fastenplaster casthastetastecastechastemasterstenchMeaning: ['heɪsn] v. 1. act or move at high speed 2. step on it 3. speed up the progress of; facilitate 4. cause to occur rapidly. 
1. I hasten to add that I knew nothing of the fraud at the time.
2. But if he does this, he may hasten the collapse of his own country.
3. The deathbed struggles of the enemies can only hasten their own doom.
4. I hasten to congratulate you on the coming of your birthday.May gladness fill your every hour with joy to light your way.
5. I hasten to say that he is not hurt.
6. I was refused accommodation -- not, I hasten to add , on account of my appearance .
7. Do thou hasten to the king's side.
8. It was an unfortunate decision and I hasten to say it had nothing to do with me.
9. I hasten to tell you that your car has been found.
10. This doesn't mean, I hasten to insist, that natural selection is a purely destructive process.
11. George Pataki arranged for extra pathologists to hasten the process.
12. Not me, I hasten to add.
13. I hasten to add that she was a business acquaintance, not a friend.
14. Not, I hasten to add, through fraud but through an error in part of the model.
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15. The doctor's nostrums were as likely to hasten death as delay it.
16. I have, I hasten to add, no precise statistics on hand.
17. Or you can shorten the story to hasten the advent of dream-time.
18. This wasn't me, I hasten to add, but the pill, which was based on belladonna.
19. But they hasten to point out that many spend them taking their charges to exotic educational destinations.
20. By law no attempts may be made to hasten death or prolong the life of the sufferer.
21. The agency hoped to hasten the approval process for new drugs.
22. He has been described as a 'charmless bore'-not by me, I hasten to add.
23. I have important news for you good news, I hasten to add.
24. But Mr Burke said whilst labour was being induced Mrs Busuttil was given a drug to hasten the process.
25. Yet mothers and fathers are often desperately fearful of such activity and hasten to forbid or punish it.
26. Amalgamation has been approached with caution, however, as it would hasten depopulation.
27. Mr Rais conceded that there was no constitutional basis on which to hasten the special parliamentary impeachment session.
28. But the captain mocked him for a silly fool and bade the crew hasten to hoist the sail.
29. Offering to buy him breakfast out of town is the device I use to hasten the leaving process.
30. Usually musical traditions remain alive only if they are thriving, writing them down tends to ossify them and hasten their end.
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