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Breast-feeding in a sentence

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1. People say that breast-feeding is better than bottle-feeding because it's more natural.
2. Breast-feeding is extremely beneficial to the health of newborn babies.
3. Most medical experts believe that breast-feeding is better than bottle-feeding.
4. There are many advantages to breast-feeding.
5. The benefits of breast-feeding are many and varied.
6. Baby experts and breast-feeding advocates insist that not all slings are dangerous.
7. Another breast-feeding cover that got people talking was in the summer of 2006, when Babytalk magazine published a photo of a baby and part of a woman's breast in profile.
8. breast-feeding your infant can deliver term dividends ['dividends ] .
9. Months after weaning from breast-feeding breast tissue changes can transition to the quiescent state, the breast largely restitution.
10. They are initiating breast-feeding so they want to breast-feed, but they are not getting the support they need to achieve their intentions.
11. In human beings, it is as nursing or breast-feeding.
12. I chose natural childbirth, do not want surgery, breast-feeding also hope to honestly and to become a real mother.
13. The carter breast-feeding and the rooming-in for mother and her infant carryed out in the hospital raised breast feeding rate.
14. "You can't keep breast-feeding them all the time, " Robert Lansdorp, a tennis coach in Los Angeles, told me.
15. If your partner is breast-feeding, offer to bottle-feed pumped breast milk — or burp the baby and put him or her to sleep after breast-feeding sessions.
16. It's safe to use the morning-after pill during breast-feeding.
17. Provided the mother's milk supply is ample her diet is adequate and she is not infected with HIV there are no disadvantages of breast-feeding for the healthy term infant (see Chapter 94).
18. Other research shows that children of mothers who consumed cod-liver oil daily after the 18th week of the pregnancy and during early breast-feeding had improved intelligence at the age of four.
19. Now lot of powder are a problem, she decided to breast-feeding baby.
20. I have sympathy with women who say that they can't nurse. I also know that the medical profession is not breast-feeding friendly.
20. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
21. In the 1980s, Massachusetts began issuing coupons for farmers' markets to low-income women who were pregnant or breast-feeding or for young children at risk for malnourishment.
22. Zinc in breast milk than the milk of the biological effectiveness of high and , therefore, a strong proponent of breast-feeding is a good way to prevent zinc deficiency.
23. If at all possible, breast-feed your babies, and support breast-feeding friendly workplaces and other environments.
24. Because breast-fed babies are healthier, the AAP projects that a significant increase in the nation's breast-feeding rate could trim nearly $4 billion a year in health care costs.
25. If you do have a baby, however, you may want to breast-feed, and the longer the better; studies have found that breast-feeding reduces the risk of breast cancer.
26. You should pay attention to non-staple food of the feeding, the child slowly to reduce the breast-feeding.
27. Even among children who had been breast-fed for six months or longer, there was no evidence that breast-feeding prevented eczema or limited its severity.
28. She took her to the set every day because she was breast-feeding, and, when she had a scene, she could call on some of the most glamourous baby-sitters ever.
29. Shanun Carey, 26, of Manchester, N.H., became so manic while breast-feeding that she was "bouncing off the walls," eventually volunteering to clean her neighbors' apartments to burn off excess energy.
30. "We've made quite a bit of progress, " CDC epidemiologist Dr. Celeste Philip, lead author of a CDC report on breast-feeding, said in a telephone interview.
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