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Seeding in a sentence

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Sentence count:104Posted:2017-08-29Updated:2017-08-29
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1. One year's seeding makes seven years weeding. 
2. The motorist was fined for seeding.
3. An automatic control seeding system for precise seeder is designed with the technology of computer control.
4. The magnetic seeding element has the advantages of lowering magnetic leakage and improving magnetic-field strength and magnetic energy utilization of magnetic end faces thereof.
5. Are we going to be fighting for playoff seeding in April only to have Yi bricking shots while a CBA representative sits on the sidelines working his stopwatch?
6. P2P direct seeding and video share photograph comparing, different point depends on: Client end can lock up calm user, increase an user agglutinant , save server bandwidth.
7. The application of magnetic seeding separation process in refining kaolinite containing coal has been studied.
8. Gentleman, do you think dibble seeding what?
9. Objective To select degradable materials and best seeding method for tissue engineering blood vessel.
10. The artificial rainmaking ( cloud seeding ) doesn't help much.
11. Aim To use the epiderm as the seeding cell in the skin tissue engineering[], and choose the optimized conditions for the isolation and growth of human epidermal cells in culture.
12. Local recurrence may be owing to seeding within the distal urothelial tract, particularly in tumors with a configuration that is polypoid and which open into the bladder cavity.
13. Numerous amusement network the global network synchronization direct seeding entire competition schedule.
14. In addition , the hygroscopic seeding of summertime convective clouds shows some promise to enhance rainfall.
15. Nowadays Moscow keeps practicing cloud seeding when the coming great events to be celebrated like Victory Day on the 9th of May demanding good weather.
16. It turned out that all the seeding had shriveled up.
17. Taking all this into account, we have to ask why the extraterrestrials should be remotely interested in seeding distant planets.
18. Not all of the losses of moorland and rough grassland to agricultural development are the result of surface cultivation and grass seeding.
19. Sea-birds were beginning to leave the shores and there were more seeding heads than flowers in bloom.
20. Unfortunately you can't crystallize diamonds out of a solution by seeding them,[] as you can with hypo.
21. Follow Lawn Tips and the newsletter links to find information about feeding, seeding and watering.
22. The Long March is a manifesto, a propaganda force, a seeding machine.
23. The thick epicarp of Helicia nilagirica is a restricted factor for its seed germination, it could be shucked off before seeding so as to accelerate germination and raise seed germinated rate.
24. Since 1978, artificial snow augmentation by aircraft silver iodide seeding to the winter stratiform clouds have been conducted continuously along Tianshan mountains in northern Xinjiang.
25. Through correlation analysis, soluble protein, praline and MDA content were significantly correlated with their cold tolerance in seeding stage.
26. A better anti-blocking capability of no-tillage planter in double cropping area has become one key factor of production efficiency and seeding quality.
27. In this article, the virtual model of electromagnetic vibrated seeding apparatus was built with automatic dynamic analysis of mechanical system software ADAMS and finite unit analysis software ANSYS.
28. The regression analysis method of non stochastic process and movable control over the target area was used to assess seeding effect. The target area was determinated by diffusion equation.
29. Patients with sickle-cell disease should be screened for skin ulcerations or potential sources of osteomyelitis, which can cause seeding of the site of a prosthetic joint.
30. Environmental conditions for aircraft cloud-seeding are given and drawbacks that seeding is preformed without quantitative criteria are made up.
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