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Verticillium in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2023-01-18Updated:2023-01-18
Similar words: penicilliumillicium verumtrilliumvertical linevertical scrollingampicillinpenicillinmethicillinMeaning: n. a fungus of the genus Verticillium. 
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1 Some considered diseases such as Verticillium wilt the culprit.
2 Cotton verticillium wilt is one of the most crushing disease to cotton.
3 Verticillium wilts of cotton are still the serious problem of cotton production in China.
4 Studies on the inheritance of resistance to Verticillium wilt of upland cotton, and the identification of differently expressed genes about the interactions between upland cotton and V. dahliae Kleb.
5 Verticillium wilt is a disastrous plant vascular disease causing severe yield and quality losses in many crops, including tomato, eggplant, cotton, potato and etc.
6 High resistance to corrosion resistant black disease, broccoli verticillium wilt, insect resistance of good.
7 In controlling cotton verticillium wilt (caused by Verticillium dahliae ), chitin additives reduced the efficacy of LR, LTR 2 and GLR, but increased that of Q1.
8 How to diagnose Fusarium wilt and Verticillium wilt in cotton field?
9 Verticillium wilt is one of the most serious worldwide plant diseases, which infects the cotton and decrease its yield and fiber quality.
10 Fusarium and Verticillium wilts of cotton are still the serious problem of cotton production in China.
11 The selection procedure for R18 offered a referential example for breeding varieties highly resistant to verticillium wilt of cotton.
12 Cherimoyas are susceptible to Armillaria (Oak Root Fungus) and Verticillium .
13 There were greatly different on the incidence of cotton Verticillium wilt in two plots of soil,[] where there were same variety cotton.
14 A new selective medium to be used to simply and quick isolate Verticillium dahliae in cotton from naturally infested soil was introduced.
15 The soil solarization treatment affected obviously on the sclerotium of eggplant Verticillium Wilt in the protective cultivation.
16 It was concluded that Glucose Oxidase gene was a wide-spectrum resistance gene. lt would have very important signification in Verticillium Wilt resistance breeding of cotton.
17 The further research on infection process and mechanism of Verticillium dahliae klebahn on cotton was discussed.
18 Grafting significantly reduced the disease incidence and disease index of Verticillium wilt in eggplant.
19 The results showed that chitin (crab shell powder) had the best effect on control of cotton Verticillium wilt in pot, with the 80.39 % and 72.28 % efficacy at boll and harvest stages, respectively.
20 Fulvic acid had no efficiency on growth of cotton seedlings in pots or yield of cotton in field, but it could control verticillium wilt of cotton in field.
21 The progresses of cotton disease research in the recent 50 years which mainly focused on cotton Fusarium wilt and cotton Verticillium wilt were reviewed.
22 The study of inhibiting mechanism demonstrated that the fermentation liquor can inhibit the hyphal 's growth and spore's sprouting of pathogen Verticillium dahliae.
23 The Sea Island cotton has good fiber quality and high Verticillium wilt resistance.
24 Using the vector pNPR1, On this basis, using the pollen tube pathway, after PCR and disease resistance detect, we gain some verticillium resistant cotton lines.
25 Some microbes in soil impose positive or negative influence on verticillium.
26 The relationship was analyzed between progenitor gene of resistant cultivars and verticillium wilt resistance.
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