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Upper bound in a sentence

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Similar words: lower boundouter boundarycherbourgoverboughtunderbodythunderboltboundaboundMeaning: n. (mathematics) a number equal to or greater than any other number in a given set. 
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1. To illustrate the addition or alteration of upper bounds we will start by adding the constraint to problem P2 of Section 7.1.
2. The Upper Bound: Roughly speaking this is the unique local minimum of the gradient of the graph.
3. Which is upper bound Olympic Games held?
4. The value determined in this way is an upper bound on the correct load capacity.
5. A upper bound with consistent matrix norm and the estimate for error of AOR iterative method for solving linear equation system , which based on the doubly diagonal dominance, are presented.
6. The approach does not require the upper bound of the uncertainty term to be known through some adaptive estimation.
7. The upper bound and lower bound theorem of classical plasticity theory and corresponding FEM is applied to analyze the bearing capacity of gravity dam for judging the stability of the dam.
8. An exact algorithm to improve the upper bound of vertex cover and independent set problem for low degree graphs is presented.
9. The multi-block upper bound method is used to calculate the bearing capacity of rough strip foundations on soils with anisotropic and non-homogeneous cohesion strength.
10. The optimal order strategy and upper bound of optimalservice investment of the retailer were provided.
11. The upper bound of the differential probability is developed for the completely nonsingular matrix based substitution permutation network.
12. When using the upper bound theorem to solve the ultimate load of frames, it is usually to set the plastic mechanism by combined mechanism method of elementary mechanisms.
12. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
13. Bearing capacity analysis based on the upper bound theorem of plasticity could be numerically performed by element integration method.
14. Then the Berger - Beerys upper bound on the trellis complexity for nonlinear codes is also derived.
15. The soft release mechanism in a controlled hold-down and release system was discussed in this paper and an upper bound model of the soft release mechanism was presented.
16. In this article, the ironing zone cup wall force is figured out with the slab unit and upper bound unit analysis method, and the results are compared with the FEM and experiment values.
17. An important finding of the tests is that the upper bound algorithm can actually find optimal solutions to a quite large number of problems.
18. For locating the critical failure surface, the particle swarm or the harmony method is used, which is an upper bound approach.
19. It is found that theoretical results of extrusion force given by the two calculating formulas using upper bound theorem ar.
20. Mechanics characteristic for deep - drawing process of panel parts is analysed by upper bound method.
21. We proved the closed systems global asymptotical stable, not needing the error upper bound and the error square integral,( all the signals are bounded and the tracing error convergence.
22. In this paper some problems existing in the slip line field theory and the upper bound method based on the associated flow rule were analyzed.
23. The performance of the system is evaluated when considering the effects of both multi user interference and photo detector shot noise. An upper bound on the bit error rate is derived.
24. We present the National Primary and Second Ambient Air Quality Standards as upper bound guideline.
25. Range Queries allow one to match documents whose field(s) values are between the lower and upper bound specified by the Range Query.
26. Because of the rational design and optimization of the upper bound flow mode, the upper bound solution is only 2% above the slip line soltition.
27. In addition, we prove the performance ratio of the convex hull insertion for the traveling salesman problem in Euclidean plane has the upper bound about a logarithmic function of the number of nodes.
28. The unit pressure in backward extruding hollow billet has been calculated by the slip line method and the upper bound method.
29. At the same time, the approximate expression of the eigen spectrum caused by LSM's rotation and the upper bound disturbed theorem of Learning Subspace are presented.
30. At the same time it is linear in time of complexity for the upper bound in the sufficient schedulable tests of task sets.
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