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Tuyere in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2020-05-17Updated:2020-05-17
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1. Tuyere Langjian the time, spokesmen for their products have become one of Dengjie.
2. Before tuyere, as long as gently toss, a sound light stridor, kite can be lifted off, swinging in the wind.
3. A process of injection top gas into hearth tuyere or effect of oxygen-coal balance is int...
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4. If the air-dry wood on tuyere Office, the wood will quickly lose moisture, surface parch and split, the emergence of small cracks.
5. Only decreasing the areas of major tuyeres will increase the kinetic energy of every tuyere.
6. The temperature distribution of the tuyere as well as the influence of impurity and incrustation scale on the temperature field of the tuyere were investigated using numerical simulation method.
7. Profile of tuyere raceway is greatly affecting the airflow at the bottom of BF , activity falling.
8. Secondary air tuyere: aluminum alloy shutter, the surface was electro - sprayed by epoxy resin.
9. For example, water circulate constantly through the tuyere, hearth staves , bosh and inwall cooling plate etc.
10. The problems and the solution of blast furnace tuyere in the casting are introduced. Measurements on lowering gasser and needle hole is analysed.
11. This article introduces the application effects of the working principle, tuyere ratio, hot wind furnace guts , air valve and feeding system for improving cupola design.
12. The blast furnace raceway formation under the intensive coal injection by measurement of micro wave reflection gunned through a tuyere is discussed.
13. This paper describes development of FK-A type melt thermoscope and its comparison with Noranda reactor tuyere pyrometer.
14. At present, large BF iron notch splash is prevented by slurry pressing technology at iron notch and tuyere area in Angang.
15. The temperature distribution and stress distribution of blast furnace tuyere with gradient coating have been studied using finite element analysis software, comparing with uniform coating.
16. The hearth temperature is reflected by the theoretical combustion temperature at the tuyere and the temperature of the liquid iron.
17. The smelting process was strengthened by using high top pressure, high pressure drop, large blowing rate, reduced tuyere section and enhanced blasting velocity.
18. It also deals with the change of coke property and the raceway before the tuyere bounded by lump coke.
19. Development of refractories for blast furnace was introduced according to the operation conditions of the refractory linings in stack, bottom, hearth, tuyere and trough of blast furnace.
20. North estates can see the sun and all South estates dark, Westinghouse in tuyere, East housing climate.
21. The results showed that thermal barrier coating can reduce heat loss and increase blast temperature, is an effective method to prolong the service life of tuyere.
22. The study results indicate that the measurement of temperature in tuyere raceway, tuyere and blow pipe can be carried out exactly and simply by using above temperature measuring probes .
23. Techno-economic indicators such as coke ratio equivalent and utilization factor have been improved based on finding charge rules of bell-less BF top, optimizing operating and adjusting tuyere layout.
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