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Thiophene in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2023-12-25Updated:2023-12-25
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1. Such is the case in pyrrole, thiophene, and furan.
2. Benzothiophene showed a strong competitive adsorption effect to thiophene.
3. Using thiophene as model compounds of FCC gasoline an d isobutene as alkylating agent, alkylation performance of mesoporous HMCM-41 w as explored by alkylation of thiophene with isobutene.
4. In this paper, the cracking rule of thiophene and short chain alkylthiophenes in decane solution on modified zeolite was studied, under FCC conditions.
5. The coke deposited due to thiophene impenetrated into all the pores and some of them could form mechanical pore on catalyst surface.
6. The results show that thiophene can inhibit effectively the coking of light gas oil in promoting pyrolysis of light gas oil and increase the olefine yields.
7. Ethanethiol, thiophene and dibenzothiophene as the model sulfur compounds were analysed by FPD in the gasoline.
8. The invention relates to thiophene and pyrazine derivatives and a preparation method thereof, belonging to the field of organic electroluminescent materials.
9. A method for analysis of thiophene - 2,5 - dicarboxylic acid by ion pair reversed - phase HPLC was described.
10. The sulfide was in the form of thiophene, mercaptan and thioether .
11. Separation of benzene and thiophene from coal-tar oil by extractive distillation is modelled by the tri -diagonal matrix method, the results provide a base for designing a thiophene plant.
12. The investigation on thiophene to chloromethylation reaction temperature and feedstock blending proportion shows that thiophene in coking benzene can completely convert into thiophene polymer.
13. The hydrodesulfurization (HDS) reactivity of thiophene over them was studied in a fixed-bed microreactor.
14. The method of removal of thiophene in coking benzene and lightbenzene by chloromethylation is studied.
15. The scheme initially involves acylation of thiophene using a carboxylic acid to afford the acyl thiophene.
16. Thiophene reacted with bromine and zinc to produce 3 - bromothiophene via substitution and reduction reaction.
17. Synthesis of 2 - bromothiophene using thiophene and bromine and glacial acetic acid as solvent was studied.
18. When ferrocene and thiophene were used together, the product morphologies were related to the thiophene content.
18. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
19. The present invention relates to a novel class of hydroxamic acid derivatives having a benzothiophene or thiophene backbone .
20. Regular carbon micro-coils were obtained by a catalytic pyrolysis method with acetylene as a carbon resource and Ni as a catalyst and thiophene as a promotor.
21. Hydrogen transfer through a bimolecular reaction between hydrocarbons and thiophene species seems to be the convincible reaction pathway for achieving de...
22. Sulfur compound types of mercaptan, thioether, and tetrahydrothiophene in gasoline were easily be removed by adsorption desulfurization, but disubstituted thiophene was difficult.
23. In this paper the optimum geometric pattern, bonding energy, net charge distribution of thiophene adsorbed on Mo(100) and W(100) are determined in EHMO method.
24. This works put forward a method of synthesis of thiophene alcohol and discuss carefully the way of reducing by-product and condition of brominating and Gall's.
25. The catalyst was characterized by XRD, XPS and IR techniques in order to study the stability and anti-sulfur ability on the processing of the 200 h HDS of thiophene and strengthening sulfurization.
26. The results show that:(1)With the increase of reaction temperature, the content of non-aromatic was rised slowly and the trend of thiophene content was first rising then falling.
27. Hydrogen transfer through a bimolecular reaction between hydrocarbons and thiophene species seems to be the convincible reaction pathway for achieving desulfurization.
28. The Zn modified catalyst has not improve the selectivity of catalyst for thiophene in model gasoline containing octene .
29. The HDS, HDN and HDY activities of the catalysts were tested with model compounds consisted of thiophene, dibenzothiophene, pyridine, quinoline, cyclohexene, hexamethylene.
30. This paper was mainly concerned on the recent research progress of thiophene compounds in electroluminescence materials.
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