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Random in a sentence

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Sentence count:153+10Posted:2016-07-20Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: aimlesshaphazardirregularunorganizedAntonym: deliberateSimilar words: over and overdomainkingdomdominantdomesticdominatehand onhand outMeaning: ['rændəm]  adj. 1. lacking any definite plan or order or purpose; governed by or depending on chance 2. taken haphazardly. 
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31. He simply stuck a pin in at random amongst the names of candidates.
32. Out of a random sample of drivers, 21% had been in an accident in the previous year.
33. Three black people were killed by shots fired at random from a minibus.
34. We based our analysis on a random sample of more than 200 males.
35. And what might be the underlying significance of these supposedly random acts of violence?
36. We received several answers, and we picked one at random.
37. The random part is what makes genetic algorithms slow.
38. This is known as a random binary search tree.
39. Myth-1: All disk drive requests are random access.
40. Afterwards he was tested positive in a random check.
41. She has developed a random allergy to certain words.
42. The figures against the broken lines correspond to the packing percentages from which a 90/10 case file has received random additions.
43. Playing time is longer about one hour of straight playing time per side - but random access is less accurate.
44. However, the random biopsy specimens in the patients with early gastric cancer did not show dysplasia at either investigation.
45. The pattern is one of random steps, which by the laws of statistics tend to cancel out over longer periods.
46. In other words, the random loss of certain lines of descent will mean that the average number of defects gradually increases.
47. Fig. 5.7 Index sequential files - overflow block Random access offers another way of organising data on disk for quick access.
48. But in actuality, disambiguation is not unprincipled and random; rather, it is usually quite predictable.
49. There were cargo bays and airlocks situated at random among the folds and spirals, but all of them remained closed.
50. A number of local law societies felt that random checks would be more productive in revealing problems.
51. So deeply ingrained is our instinct to search for a pattern that we refuse to accept any input as genuinely random.
52. Random acts of civility do appear to be at an all-time low.
53. Visiting local bookshops at random, I came across more and more books that had come from libraries.
54. In order to do this with the minimum access time, random access files are necessary.
54. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
55. Perhaps random spot checks could be carried out in the same way as breathalyser tests.
56. Y., which works mainly for ad agencies and is following a Nielsen-like model of audience measurement through random sampling.
57. The idea of calling some random guy I met in a bar makes me feel cheesy!
58. Contemporary chaos theory talks about so-called strange attractors, which are the ordering principles within such apparently random patterns.
59. The latter will carry out a small number of random spot checks to verify a company's samples.
60. For one, these random ecosystems have absolutely no problem in stabilizing.
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