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Pull off in a sentence

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Synonym: bring offcarry offdraw awaydraw offmanagenegociatepick offplucktweakSimilar words: pull onpull outbe full ofpullall ofcall offall of apull inMeaning: v. 1. pull or pull out sharply 2. cause to withdraw 3. be successful; achieve a goal 4. remove by drawing or pulling pull-off. n. designated paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarily. 
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1. I'm sure you will pull off the competition.
2. Put the car into first and pull off slowly.
3. He managed to pull off a major diplomatic coup.
4. She used any trick in the book to pull off the deal.
5. Scarborough are aiming to pull off a repeat of their giant-killing act against Chelsea three years ago.
6. She used every trick in the book to pull off the deal.
7. How do you pull off this virtuous circle?
8. Don't try and pull off your mask.
9. The veterans can pull off a few tricks, too.
10. When the whole side has been removed, pull off the backbone and cut the remaining salmon into pieces.
11. Luke had to pull off her hands, one by one and half carry her along the bus and down the steps.
12. Skill Oxton just failed to pull off victory at Hightown on a rain affected wicket.
13. Straightening up after bending over to pull off her shoes was difficult.
14. When Woosnam instructs himself to pull off a particular shot, he truly believes he can make the shot happen.
15. A professional golfer tries to pull off a confidence trick against his own body.
16. Wash the spinach, pull off the stalks and chop the leaves. Chop the mint finely.
17. Remove pheasant carcass and pull off any meat; discard skin and bones.
18. Could this untried youngster pull off a lead role in a Broadway play? people sitting in on rehearsals asked the director.
19. Whatever you do, do not pull off this cap.
20. Lousy bastards can't even pull off a simple raid.
21. How many maneuvers can you pull off with your manual interface?
22. However, unlike a Python dictionary, to actually pull off the value within a key, we have to look at the .value attribute for the key.
23. Xerox set about a process of reverse engineering. It pulled the machines apart and investigated the Japanese factories to find out how they could pull off such feats.
24. I drop out to the side of the road and pull off my rucksack containing the bagpipes.
25. Add barley and simmer for another 30 minutes. Remove pheasant carcass and pull off any meat; discard skin and bones.
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26. For a while, after the polls closed, it looked as if Mr Reynolds might pull off a stunning upset.
27. It is quite legal to go out into the countryside, find a hedgehog and pull off its legs one by one.
28. Reducing costs in today's climate will be a difficult trick to pull off.
29. In the fifth and final match, nobody expected Nestor to pull off more of his Friday night magic.
30. Next it was Nixon's turn in the Tranmere goal to pull off a spectacular save from Mitchell.
More similar words: pull onpull outbe full ofpullall ofcall offall of apull inpull upkill offsell offpull downsmell ofpull throughall of a suddenpulseimpulsea good deal ofBull.fullbullskullsullybulletmanipulatepopulationpopularityin fullpulchritudenullify
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