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Pain threshold in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2018-02-09Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: thresholdthreshthresherthreshingpain in the assin the short runpain in the neckin the short termMeaning: n. the lowest intensity of stimulation at which pain is experienced. 
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1 I have a high pain threshold .
2 That depends on your pain threshold.
3 It could remarkably increase the pain threshold in mice.
4 Drogba - the strength of a bull but pain threshold of a lamb.
5 The pain threshold was not influenced by microinjection of lidocaine into NRM or RN.
6 The pain threshold of right hind limb, sciatic nerve function index(SFI)and pathological change were observed.
7 To measure the pain threshold is one of the most index reflecting anesthesia effects.
8 He has a very high pain threshold.
9 Acupuncture, a technology which can increase pain threshold by neurohumoral regulation, is characterized by safety, convenience and less side effect.
10 The pain threshold of CIA rats foot tenderness and hot-plate test mice were remarkably improved by Nanhu Gelata.
11 Results and conclusion Electroacupuncture significantly raised pain threshold and lowered pain grade,( and had a marked after effect in experimental RA rats.
12 The influences of such injection on pain threshold andanalgesic effect of acupuncture ( AEA ) were investigated.
13 Results: Rhizoma Curcumae can raise the pain threshold of mice and enhance the pain alleviating action and lower thrombocyte adherence rate so that the blood visc...
14 Pain threshold was detected by potassium ionophoresis method.
15 Results Huoxue Dingxuan Pill could obviously increase the pain threshold value, decrease algesia reaction, lessen the ear swelling degree and lower the capillary permeability in abdominal cavity.
16 Even though it was now well after midnight, the noise level was approaching the pain threshold.
17 Results Administration of rotundine combined with subthreshold dose of dolantin significantly increased the pain threshold of mice.
18 Rapid eye movement sleep deprivation can modulate visceral hypersensitivity by increasing pain threshold to CRD.
19 Methods:The analgesic effect of Tianchan capsule was studied in mice and rats using HAC writhing reaction, hot plate test, tail flick test and pain threshold measurement of trifacial neuralgia.
20 In light of the fine line between pleasure and pain[], it has been hypothesized that BDSM is associated with an atypically high pain threshold.
21 To systematically define the sensitivity and repeatability of heat pain threshold, using the Medoc TSA - 2001 device.
22 It is showed that Biondia henryi could increase the pain threshold , Naloxono could reverse analgesic effect.
23 Results The combinative administration of Dolantin in subthreshold dose and haloperidol can significantly raise the pain threshold of mise.
24 Aim To investigate the changes of dynorphin and enkephalin with naloxone in rat's brain tissue and the pain threshold of tail flick after positive and negative acceleration loaded.
25 Result: DAE could inhibit the mouse ear edema induced by dimethylbenzene, inhibit the rat foot swelling induced by carrageenin , and increase the mice pain threshold induced by hot plate.
26 Defibrillation energy requirements are typically higher than the patient's pain threshold.
27 AIM To observe the effect of nucleus pulposus allografted into the epidural space on pain threshold in rats so as to provide theoretical evidence for discogenic pain.
28 Objective To study of the effect of nitric oxide ( NO ) in brain on pain threshold of rats.
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