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Outcrossing in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2021-06-30Updated:2021-06-30
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(1) Predominantly outcrossing, wind pollination might be the main reasons of low genetic differentiation between families.
(2) No significant differences were observed for outcrossing rates of the same combinations between two years.
(3) The fix F suggests that A. is nearly outcrossing while the other two are marly inbreeding.
(4) Mean single locus outcrossing rate was 0.392 and multilocus outcrossing rate was 0.332, indicating a mixed mating type.
(5) Continued distribution, long life, predominantly outcrossing , strong reproduction and high flow gene might be the main causes of low genetic differentiation of T.
(6) It seems that cleistogamous flower may allow the plant to reproduce and assure some seed set even in conditions of unfavorable habitat. Chasmogamy sire outcrossing seeds to adaptive new habitats.
(7) The HL type CMS lines were identified to have the same flowering habit and outcrossing rate with the BT type CMS lines in Japonica hybrid rice.
(8) The sterile plant with multiple stigmas had a high outcrossing percentage of seed setting because its multiple and long stigmas enlarged the area of pollination.
(9) Gametophytic self - incompatibility ( GSI ) is a widespread mechanism in flowering plants , which prevents self - fertilization and promotes outcrossing.
(10) Compared to the conventional method[], hybrid seed production will save 40% of the cost and the outcrossing rate will reach 100%.
(11) The PSA trait might be useful in the improvement of outcrossing ability of soybean.
(12) A combination of dichogamy and herkogamy in hermaphroditic plants is an effective mechanism to encourage outcrossing and avoid selfing.
(13) The fix index (F) suggests that A. sarelii is nearly outcrossing while the other two are marly inbreeding.
(14) Pollination limitations were obvious in both populations due to the lack of enough outcrossing pollinators .
(15) X. Lin has great change in the same population, and the outcrossing rate difference of the same enzyme locus is also high in the different population.
(16) Additive, nonadditive, phenotypic and environmental direct effects of the floral traits on the outcrossing are also estimated.
(17) Rice is a self-pollinated crops, flower structure and not for self-help outcrossing.
(18) An allele can not be " watered down " by outcrossing.
(19) While theoretical discussions have covered a broad range of aspects, the three main issues debated are tendencies to provoke allergic reaction (allergenicity)[], gene transfer and outcrossing.
(20) Secondary pollen presentation has been described as a reproductive strategy that enhances the efficiency and accuracy of pollen exportation and pollen reception, thereby promoting outcrossing.
(21) Guangmo S has fine processing quality and appearance quality, good outcrossing characters, high combining ability and good resistances .
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