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Nifedipine in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2022-09-22Updated:2022-09-22
Similar words: dip intodouble dippingadipicadenosine diphosphateadipic acidserendipityserendipitousknifeMeaning: n. calcium blocker (trade name Procardia); appears to increase the risk of recurrent heart attacks. 
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1. We have previously shown diuretics plus nifedipine to be an effective combination for black hypertensive patients.
2. Some drugs, such as nifedipine, can prevent hand arteries from going into spasm.
3. Nifedipine can prophylaxis noise induced hearing loss partly.
4. Objective:To examine the effect of Nifedipine Controlled Released Tablets and Lisinopril on renal function in patients with essential hypertension(EH).
5. Objective To explore the treatment using nifedipine combined with oryzanol against non constipated irritable bowel syndrome.
6. Objective: To investigate the quality of Nifedipine Control Relay Tablet(NFCRT) from the different plants and provide reliable and direct basis for clinical medication.
7. The effect of treatment with nifedipine in 30 cases of migraine was studied, including typical and common migraine and cluster headache.
8. Objective To investigate the effects of fosinopril and nifedipine on urinary albumin excretion and kidney function.
9. OBJECTIVE:To study the effects of nifedipine and the interaction of nifedipine and glibenclamide on the plasma glucose levels in the fasted and adrenaline hydrochloride induced hyperglycemic rat.
10. Results:The group of patients taking Enalapril and Nifedipine delayed-release tablet had more effect on regressing PLV in EH.
11. Objective:To evaluate the effect of nifedipine on ophthalmic artery blood flow patients with pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH).
12. Purpose: observation of nifedipine GITS and sulpiride the use of fluoride - US joint chronic asthmatic bronchitis effect.
13. Objective : To investigate effects of Nifedipine GITS primary hypertension and left Ventricular hypertrophy.
14. Objective To observe the effects of nifedipine GITS to prevent left ventricular hypertrophy.
15. These drugs include amlodipine (Norvasc), sustained release nifedipine (Procardia XL, Adalat CC), felodipine (Plendil), and nisoldipine (Sular).
16. Conclusion:Release-controlled nifedipine is healed for hepatogenic ulcer, and can reduce portal hypertension distinctly.
17. Objective To prepare nifedipine solid dispersions and investigate their dissolution rate.
18. Conclusion:Nifedipine could distend ophthalmic artery and has similar function on other micro-cerebral vessels.
19. Nifedipine is a calcium channel blocking agent. The application of this agent to treat the cerebral thrombosis at acute stage is not found in chinese literature.
20. In the range of our prescribed doses,( nifedipine atenolol tablets had apparently antihypertensive effect on SHR rats administered whether once or continuously by gavage.
21. No patients complained of severe headaches or flushing while taking nifedipine.
22. Methods:Forced degradation testing was carried out at different concentration nifedipine solution while fluorescent lamp, ultraviolet lamp or daylight was employed.
23. The preferred agents are methyldopa for prolonged antenatal therapy, and hydralazine, labetalol or nifedipine for peripartum treatment of acute hypertensive episodes.
24. The stretching method shows that composite asarum water decoction with nifedipine can have significant analgesic action.
25. The drug most commonly used is magnesium sulfate (, but nifedipine and some others are occasionally used.
26. " If obstetrician asked me which drug I would prefer,'she said, " I would say nifedipine. "
27. Conclusion L-arginine exerts strong antiatherosclerotic effect in experimental rabbit. Nifedipine and isosorbide dinitrate has the similar effect but with a slightly weaker action.
28. The primary bulk pharmaceuticals produced are: Caffeine, Theophylline, Aminophylline, Metronidazole , Metronidazole benzoate, Secnidazaole and Nifedipine.
29. Because of continued fever and hypertension, she began treatment with nifedipine and antibacterials.
30. OBJECTIVE To explore the interference of sampling in automatic filtration in the determination of releasing degree of Nifedipine sustained release tablets(I).
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