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Modularized in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2020-11-09Updated:2020-11-09
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1 Such modularized concerns are known as aspects.
2 Because this behavior was not well modularized.
3 Software is programmed using modularized program language-VISIDAQ.
4 It uses a modularized program design method to achieve the data filter more neatly and it can be repeatedly used in the network information security monitor application in the programs.
5 When the application needs to access a modularized SOA, it links itself to the repository.
6 In accordance with 863 key projects "Modularized Universal Architecture of Robot", in this dissertation, we gave the definition of vision platform modular concept for the intelligent service robot.
7 Modularized parts design and the application of self-assembly technique make it convenient and economical for site transfer and transportation.
8 Using modularized design - ST series could derive one - dimensional or - dimensional seam tracker upon request.
9 Most legacy systems are not modularized into identifiable, distinct components that you can test run independently of others.
10 This system adopts modularized hardware and is easy to maintain and extend.
11 The core of the hardware is PC104, the modularized design is adopted in software design and the fault can be confirmed into test unit through exhaustive test.
12 You could develop a repository or library of modularized and optimized SOAs grouped into a hierarchy of various categories.
13 On the software design, modularized program has been used, the procedure flow chart is introduced, and explanation on digital processing is given.
14 The functions of housekeeping software is complexed, in order to facilitate the user-level software reusable and transplantation, and the housekeeping software is designed "modularized".
15 To see the true power of modularized behaviors in developing a UUE, look at the familiar functionality of browsing through multiple records.
16 By "highly modularized" I mean that every element definition, set of attributes on an element, and content model for an element is assigned a unique name that can be separately extended.
17 This means you need to design the database system in such a way that you divide the database tables into modularized and optimized partitions of two types -- static and dynamic.
18 The test variable is also used to exchange data between regular tests that have not been modularized.
19 The main program and interrupt service routine ( ISR ) realized by using modularized software design method.
20 Based on the analysis of steam turbine components and its flow network, a modularized simulation component library was created, which contains typical units and basic elements of steam turbines.
21 The main program and interrupt service routine ( ISR ) are realized by using modularized software design method.
22 The expansibility and reliability of the system are guaranteed because of the application of modularized program method and multi-thread technology.
23 With this concern in mind, nevertheless, and in order to deal with the problem of language complexity, UML 2.0 was modularized in a way that allows selective use of language modules.
24 Also in the dissertation some small LCD display system are bring forward,[] modularized hardware system is successfully finished.
25 The inference engine combines both object-oriented method and Blackboard model. It makes the knowledge base layered and modularized, and greatly raises the infer efficiency.
26 The synthesized test system for underwater weapon system adopts a modularized structure with signal generator, A/D converter, D/A converter, real-time clock, printer and LCD screen.
27 While the exploiture of software faces to the process which emphasizes the modularized program, and it has short exploitation period and good maintainability which embodies software's practicability.
28 The DFMC methods for apparel are proposed, which consist of the development of modularized product, apparel modeling, fashion customization, pattern variant design and cutting scheme design.
29 A product structure management mode based on modularizing design is also presented, and a product structure management system of modularized product is built up.
30 Acquisition of data on animal activity and generation of zeitgeber were modularized to meet the multiple requirements of experiment.
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