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Metaprogramming in a sentence

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1 You can also use metaprogramming techniques.
2 You can define attributes to create declarative metaprogramming tags.
3 Because of this, the metaprogramming system should be customizable to produce output for a wide variety of systems.
4 Metaprogramming system is an efficient design tool which operates to program and has many applications.
5 Metaprogramming offers a great way to differentiate pattern code from implementation code because you express your pattern by using code that is about code.
6 When you need to do metaprogramming,( open up your toolbox and throw in some languages that allow delayed binding.
7 Languages with advanced metaprogramming capabilities, such as Ruby and Lisp, allow some testing tricks that other languages don't, such as easier access to mock objects.
8 Without it we would not have Grails: Groovy metaprogramming makes convention over configuration possible.
9 This is a metaprogramming method defined on the Class class that executes at interpretation time.
10 Often, most of the code can use the metaprogramming tools available to accomplish the task.
11 For example, if the metaprogramming system auto-generates a method within a class, but later that method must be tweaked, how do you implement something like that?
12 It uses metaprogramming to generate the view model and allow you to bind to the objects you define in your controller.
13 Ideally you need to work at both a high and a low level from within the metaprogramming tool itself and simply to mark for the tool where you need to transition to a lower level.
14 Some parts of an application can be written as a PIM in which most of the legwork is done by the metaprogramming system.
15 Code-generating programs are sometimes called metaprograms; writing such programs is called metaprogramming.
16 You can create views, which you may or may not need to modify, with true metaprogramming or code generation.
17 You can generate scaffolding via a code generator -- you'd type script/generate scaffold Trail Trails in this example -- or through specifying the scaffold metaprogramming tag in a controller.
18 For making this both easier and more standardized, Embedded SQL is a metaprogramming system used to easily combine database access with C.
19 Dynamically typed languages like Ruby, Python, Groovy, JavaScript, and Smalltalk offer very high productivity due to their flexibility, powerful metaprogramming, and elegance.
20 In some instances and with some tools, modifying the generated code immediately removes the program from the purview of the metaprogramming system.
21 The Ruby language also has attributes (although they don't have a special name like "attributes" — they are one of many metaprogramming techniques Ruby offers).
22 InfoQ: If you have your own interpreter, how does this interact with metaprogramming and other dynamic behavior of Ruby?
23 You don't need to understand much about how the internals of Rails works, or the techniques (such as metaprogramming) that it uses internally.
24 The best systems are those that allow you to work at multiple levels of abstraction within the metaprogramming system itself.
25 The placeholders defined in the layout specification (label_1, text1, etc) are assigned concrete components by referring to their names, which is done using Ruby's metaprogramming features.
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