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Magnetic head in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2020-09-15Updated:2020-09-15
Similar words: magneticmagneticsnonmagneticdiamagneticgeomagneticmagneticallymagnetic discmagnetic pullMeaning: n. an electromagnet (as on a tape recorder) that converts electrical variations into magnetic variations that can be stored on a surface a later retrieved. 
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1. Measured data show that this magnetic head is also suitable for metallic tape.
2. The operating principle of the magnetic head of the super-strong armour-piercing projectile is introduced.
3. When the magnetic head moves the close some memory switch, this switch sends out the contact signal, and will contact the motor memory to get down.
4. With the developing of perpendicular recording media, GMR magnetic head and thin film wireless inductor cores, high cut-off frequency is required for the soft magnetic films.
5. A good AMR magnetic head for the magnetic rotary encoder was designed. The results of theoretical analysis and practical test were contrasted.
6. So the tape recorder which adopts this magnetic head can be used for wide band direct replay and makes signal-noise ratio improvement, it is an ideal playback head.
7. A device containing a tape drive, magnetic head, and associated controls.
8. The characteristic of several modes of magnetic recording, the species of magnetic recording medium and magnetic head material, the demand of magnetic capability, are summarized .
9. Lithography servo disk is a new servo locating technique for magnetic head.
10. According to the calculated results, discussions and analyses are then presented to reveal the effects of rarefied region and rarefied effect on the working performances of the magnetic head.
11. This paper calculates a simulative solution of dynamics flying properties of magnetic head slider in ultra-thin gas film.
12. The results show that HIP ferrites have an improved mechanical properties and such ferrites are very good magnetic head materials for high density recording.
13. The analysis of micro organic contamination on the surface of magnetic head by XPS and TOF SIMS is described in this paper.
14. A health-care miniature gyromagnetic field instrument for acupoint therapy is mainly composed of magnetic head, power supply and motor.
15. An investigation is made on the optimization of speed control parameters of magnetic head access motion in disk drives.
16. The development of the capacity of the computer hard disk has put forward the requirements for a reduced flying distance between the magnetic head and a more smooth surface of the magnetic head.
17. The paper analyzed the correlation of pitch angle and roll angle, which were measured by magnetic head flying angle adjustment apparatus, and introduced a method of angle adjusting.
18. It is more and more difficult to manufacture smaller and smaller magnetic head assembly by using the tradition techniques, while this difficulty is solved by using the machine vision technology.
19. A three terminal magnetic sensor suitable for use in a magnetic head has a base region , a collector region , and an emitter region.
20. Becuase the disk drive has to burn holes on the disk, so the magnetic head damaged easily when reading the disk.
21. Therefore, further increase of magnetic recording density is largely confined by the writing ability of the magnetic head.
22. Because, in memorandum I say disk breakdown is first ( magnetic head ) breakdown.
23. At the same time this kind of material is also the best material for high fidelity magnetic head, high performance magnetic amplifier.
24. This paper introduces the related content of clean room air-conditioning system design of magnetic head factory, gives main design parameters and air-conditioning system type of clean room.
24. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
25. A novel thick-film PMN-PZT micro-actuator used in hard disk drive for precision precise positioning of magnetic head has been designed, analyzed and fabricated.
26. When exogenous noise is applied to the ground wire of a thin film magnetic head, crosstalk noise occurs in a lead line and a ground lines located near the ground wire.
27. When the disk rotation speed increases , the stability of magnetic head is slightly worsened.
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