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Magnetics in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2018-09-04Updated:2018-09-04
Similar words: magnetic stripemagneticmagneticallygeomagneticdiamagneticantimagneticmagnetic polemagnetic fluxMeaning: [mæg'netɪks]  n. the branch of science that studies magnetism. 
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1. The data is stored on the magnetic tape.
2. The magnetic pull of the city was hard to resist.
3. The needle on a compass always points to magnetic north.
4. Pigeons navigate less accurately when the earth's magnetic field is disturbed.
5. The north magnetic pole lies to the west of the geographic North Pole.
6. He has magnetic personality.
7. The principles of magnetic recording have been around for a long time.
8. The block becomes magnetic when the current is switched on.
9. Magnetic coils focus the electron beams into fine spots.
10. This magnetic tape should be rewound before recording.
11. A radio signal has both electrical and magnetic properties.
12. The iron has lost its magnetic force.
13. Now the data is being transferred from magnetic tape to hard disk.
14. The tape was left near a magnetic source, and the resulting damage was considerable.
15. Protect the magnetic strip on your credit card from scratches, heat, damp or other damage.
16. The electrically charged gas particles are affected by magnetic forces.
17. The secondary current sets up a magnetic field inside the tube.
18. If we charge it with electricity, it will become magnetic.
19. A meteorite collided with Earth at the same time,( delivering a one-two punch to the magnetic field.
20. The circuitry in this fighter aircraft has been protected against strong magnetic fields.
21. Magnetics, gravity and light are the mysteries of your reality.
22. A novel method of coupling magnetics, acoustics and electrics is presented to measure neural currents.
23. When the magnetics drop to zero , people go insane.
24. The paper reviews its application in mechanics, magnetics, electrics, thermotics, photics, biomedicine, etc. and the application actualities in the major countries. Applied outlook is also forecasted.
25. If Electronics had not held off its creditors, it would have collapsed, bringing Magnetics down with it.
26. He claimed that Electronics' actions in withholding money due to Magnetics were prejudicial to the minority shareholders.
27. On the basis of lineament interpretation of DEM, TM, NOAA and ground magnetics[sentencedict .com], this study suggests that lineaments spatially coupled with gold deposits distribution.
28. The Gyrator-Capacitor model is first introduced to modeling two-phase integrating magnetics Voltage Regulator Module(VRM), which can deduce the corresponding self-inductance and mutual inductance.
29. Regarding to the difficult analysis of coupled flux and magnetic modeling, a novel circuit model of integrating magnetics is proposed using Gyrator-Capacitor approach.
30. In this paper the measurement methods based on optics, acoustics, magnetics and radiology are mentioned for research of mesomechanics.
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