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Labelled in a sentence

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Similar words: labeledglabellalabellinglabellabelingring a bellbellequelledMeaning: ['leɪbl] adj. bearing or marked with a label or tag. 
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(1) This phrase is labelled as an Americanism in this dictionary.
(2) The steel can was labelled "flammable".
(3) The tabloid papers labelled him "an evil sex monster".
(4) She was wrongly labelled a liar.
(5) Bottles are labelled by country of origin.
(6) Meat labelled "Scotch Beef" sells for a premium in supermarkets.
(7) The samples were all labelled with a date and place of origin.
(8) If you spend any time in prison, you're labelled as a criminal for the rest of your life.
(9) They labelled him as a communist.
(10) She had automatically labelled the boys as troublemakers.
(11) Too often the press are labelled as bad boys.
(12) We carefully labelled each item with the contents and the date.
(13) The pharmaceutist labelled the bottles.
(14) The regime was inevitably labelled as 'communist'.
(15) If you venture from "feminine" standards, you are labelled aggressive and hostile.
(16) Everything may be labelled, but everybody is not.
(17) Each bag of seeds is labelled with the grower's name.
(18) Make sure your luggage is properly labelled.
(19) The stuff has never been properly logged and labelled.
(20) All the products are labelled with comprehensive instructions.
(21) The worker was labelled as a revolutionary.
(22) Make sure the contents are clearly labelled on the outside.
(23) Certain estates are labelled as undesirable.
(24) The newspapers had unjustly labelled him as a coward.
(25) He had maybe a thousand tapes, all neatly labelled and catalogued.
(26) The newspapers had unjustly labelled him a troublemaker.
(27) All meat should be clearly labelled with its country of origin.
(28) He was labelled a traitor by his former colleagues.
(29) They are afraid to contact the social services in case they are labelled a problem family.
(30) There should be a law ensuring products tested on animals have to be labelled as such.
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