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Interplanetary in a sentence

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Sentence count:61Posted:2017-06-18Updated:2017-06-18
Similar words: planetaryplanetariuminterplayinternational monetary fundinterpretationairplanemonetaryplanetMeaning: adj. between or among planets. 
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1 Across these immense interplanetary distances, significant differences in the arrival times of light signals showed up.
2 The trouble with powerful interplanetary criminals is that they are powerful and interplanetary.
3 Our interplanetary visitors might well be amazed at such foolish credulity.
4 And the interplanetary journey would be perilous.
5 The material flies away from the sun into interplanetary space in an expanding, dome-shaped cloud front.
6 In terms of density, the voyage from interplanetary to intergalactic space is more drastic than going from water into air.
7 First, the optimization model of interplanetary low-thrust trajectory was established using modified equinoctial elements.
8 Moons can now attacked with interplanetary rockets. Anti - Ballistic Missiles of the planet will defend the moon.
9 By definition ,( interplanetary travel is travel between bodies in a given star system.
10 We could establish an interplanetary space station, without moving around the International Space Station, as reported by my colleague Ian O'Neill this week.
11 Interplanetary missile attacks do not count towards the bashing rule.
12 Q The sixth problem concerns interplanetary and inter - system dwelling , between earthly lives.
13 The gegenschein is sunlight back-scattered off small interplanetary dust particles.
14 Interplanetary quarantine will be much more difficult to enforce once humans reach Mars.
15 Today , however, many observers believe that interplanetary unity is on the cards.
16 Under certain condition of the interplanetary magnetic field, a portion of them can reach the shadow region which is usually considered to be devoid of solar wind protons.
17 It was the first time an interplanetary probe was launched from a space shuttle.
18 What you finally get to play is a clever mix of interactive B-movie, arcade-style space combat and interplanetary trading.
19 Advocates of manned flight agree that robots should act as interplanetary scouts, blazing trails that humans can safely follow.
20 Ross ever. the principle of nuclear engines was successfully tested and they remain good candidates for long-term development in interplanetary spacecraft.
21 A very small fraction of the sun's light and heat is emitted in such directions that after passing unhindered through interplanetary space, it hits the earth.
22 Some people have reported seeing more semivolatile elements in a class of interplanetary dust particles (IDPs) called "chondritic porous" IDPs.
23 Alien life, he will suggest, is almost certain to exist in many other parts of the universe: not just in planets, but perhaps in the centre of stars or even floating in interplanetary space.
24 Mars - 500 is the 3 rd in a series of interplanetary interplanetary flight simulations, the.
25 Far better for the talented, tentacled monsters to slither onto land before building their interplanetary empire.
26 Its particles are diffuse and may even extend beyond the bulk of the ring material all the way in to Saturn and all the way out to interplanetary space.
27 For panspermia to occur, however, microorganisms need to survive not only ejection from the first planet and atmospheric entry to the second but the interplanetary voyage itself.
28 Using the method of characteristics and shock fitting techniques, this paper simulates numerically the evolution of MHD (Magnetohydrodynamic) intermediate shocks in interplanetary space.
29 As war sweeps across the galaxy, life-and-death struggles like this occur on every scrap of interplanetary dust that can support life.
30 Mars - 500 is the 3 rd theories in a series of inter fly interplanetary flight simulations.
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