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Internuclear in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2020-05-29Updated:2020-05-29
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1. Sometimes it's also called the internuclear axis.
2. This new method is self ? consistent and internuclear distances in spin systems can be determined solely from a 2D NOESY peak intensity or mixing coefficient matrix with a single mixing time.
3. The internuclear distances in molecules can be measured in many ways.
4. The internuclear distances and force constants of the elementary molecules as well as of the nitrides and halides, exhibit a similar behavior.
5. A new method is proposed to determine internuclear distances from a 2D NOESY peak intensity or mixing coefficient matrix with a single mixing time.
6. Internuclear ophthalmoplegia was unilateral in 136 of the infarct cases (87%), 38 of those with multiple sclerosis (27%), and 48 of the unusual cases (42%).
7. And when I say internuclear distance, we actually call this r here.
7. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
8. When we're talking about r for internuclear distance, we're talking about the distance between two different nuclei in a bond, in a covalent bond.
9. The minimum in the potential function is at a greater internuclear distance, and the vibration frequency is lower.
10. From the standpoint of energy concept, a functional relationship correlating bond length and internuclear distance is formulated in this article.
11. If we're talking about a single bond, we're talking about 2 orbitals overlapping in the internuclear axis.
12. And we can actually better visualize this if we plot how that energy changes as a function of internuclear distance.
13. Any time two orbitals come straight on together in that internuclear axis, you're going to have a sigma bond.
14. And remember for this class, we always define z as the internuclear or the bond axis.
15. And a sigma bond forms any time you have two orbitals coming together and interacting on that internuclear axis.
16. A triple bond, again is going to have one sigma bond on the internuclear axis.
17. The potential energy function of the diatomic molecule is considered as the basic issues. Because of, it is only the function of the internuclear distance.
18. The hypothetical electron smeart must exert a net attractive Hellmann - Feynman force to counterbalance the internuclear repulsion.
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