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Interlobular in a sentence

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Similar words: intralobularinterlobarlobularglobularlobulatedinterlockinterloperinterlockingMeaning: adj. between lobes or lobules. 
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1, Diagnosis: Pulmonary edema, with interlobular septal thickening.
2, In addition to interlobular septal thickening, there is distinct thickening of the peribronchovascular interstitium.
3, In sarcoidosis, nodular interlobular septal thickening reflects the presence of interstitial granulomas.
4, Nodular thickening of interlobular septa can be seen in lymphangitic carcinomatosis, sarcoidosis, and silicosis.
5, All scans show marked smooth thickening of interlobular septa involving both lungs in a symmetrical fashion.
6, Thickening of interlobular and intralobular septa was revealed in 30 cases.
7, Nodules in the interlobular septa , and in the centrilobular regions are seen in some cases.
8, By the interlobular vein, the interlobular bile duct are composed the hepatic duct area.
9, In this patient, interlobular septal thickening both smooth and nodular, is also visible, suggesting a perilymphatic pattern.
10, These microvilli - lined structures progress into ductules, interlobular bile ducts and larger hepatic ducts.
11, The histologic characteristics include fibrous proliferation of interlobular portal areas , and normal structure of hepatic lobules.
12, All scans show marked thickening of interlobular septa right lung; the left lung appears normal.
13, A few nodules are visible in relation to interlobular septa.
14, Both scans show smooth thickening of interlobular septa involving both lungs symmetrically.
15, The capillary density in interlobular tissue was higher than that of intralobular parenchyma.
16, Typically,( hematogenous metastases lack the specific relationship to the peribronchovascular interstitium and interlobular septa seen in patients with lymphangitic carcinomatosis .
17, Conclusion HRCT features of SARS following hospital discharge are ground-glass opacity, interlobular septum and intralobular interstitial thickening.
18, The subepithelial connective tissue penetrated the pineal body forming interlobular septum, and separated the pineal body to parenchymal lobules.
19, In addition the nodules are patchy in distribution and predominate in relation to thickened interlobular septa.
20, The right hemiliver was divided into the right anterosuperior lobe and right pusteroinferiur lube by the curved right interlobular fissure.
21, Uniformly-sized, discrete, 1 to 4 mm nodules involving the intralobular interstitium, interlobular septa, and the subpleural, and perivascular regions are characteristic.
22, Peribronchovascular nodules are clearly seen, and numerous nodules surround the central bronchi and vessels. Nodules in relation to the interlobular septa and centrilobular regions are also seen.
23, The results showed that 88% of the total pressure drop across vasculature from arcuate artery fo glomeruli occurs in the interlobular artery and diameter of preglomerular microvessels.
24, Small and large, ill-defined lung nodules are isible, predominating in relation to the peribronchoascular interstitium and in a centrilobular location. Interlobular septal thickening is also isible.
25, Some linear densities are noted in peripheral portion suggesting interlobular and intralobular septal thickening.
26, Pathology. —Interstitial emphysema is characterized by air dissecting within the interstitium of the lung, typically in the peribronchovascular sheaths, interlobular septa, and visceral pleura.
27, CDE technique is helpful in measuring the RI of interlobular artery and the thickness of renal cortex, which are important parameters in evaluating renal function.
28, ResultsThe blood vessels and capillaries in monkey pineal body existed only in the connective tissue of capsule and interlobular septum, those did not in the pineal parenchymal lobules.
29, Typical findings include small nodules in a perilymphatic distribution along the peribronchovascular bundles, adjacent to the interlobular septa and subpleurally including the fissure.
30, Peribronchovascular nodules are visible. Nodules in relation to the interlobular septa and centrilobular regions are also seen.
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