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Granitoid in a sentence

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1. Therefore, the granitoid is a big group of plutonic rocks including such as granodiorite, monzonite, syenogranite, tonalite, and so on.
2. The most important metallogenic granitoid intrusions are mainly formed in Mesozoic, secondly late Variscan period.
3. Deferent plutons composing Linglong composite granitoid batholith have deferent degrees of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility.
4. The Fogang granitoid complex is the largest Late Mesozoic batholith in Nanling region, and the Wushi diorite-hornblende gabbros are the most basic end-member of Fogang calc-alkaline series rocks.
5. The granitoid data show that rock uplift-exhumation in the North Huaiyang massif, Dawu massif and western segment of the Dabie massif took mainly place before.
6. These two granitoid series have apparent difference in their petrochemical compositions and accessory mineral assemblages.
7. The enrichment and differentiation of REE in granitoid rocks during weathering-leaching processes, may lead to the formation of a natural continuous ion-chromatographic column.
8. Discussed in this paper is the mineralization of granitoid rocks based on SIMS data on trace elements and volatile components in apatite, zircon and biotite from granitoid rocks.
9. The data show that the three series of granitoid rock are different in nature and characteristics, and can be considered as three types of petrogenesis.
10. They are the same type granitoid. Their lithogenesis was related to the lithospheric extension after the Indosinian Orogenesis, and formed from partial melting of the crust material.
11. The Hueichizi granitic pluton consists mainly of granitoid rocks. which have in common deformation fabric and complicated deformation processes.
12. Deformed granitoid plutons may be used as the regional deformation markers to study those continental deformations and to analyse the early deformations of the old continental blocks.
13. The model of granitoid magmas emplacement and crustal extension in mid or deep crust likes that of mid ocean ridge mafic magmas emplacement and oceanic spreading exactly.
14. Granitoid composition is controlled by tectonic settings, magma sources, initiation and evolution processes.
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15. According to the analyse of petrochemistry, microelement, lanthanon and cause of formation type of rock body, sum up the all sequences are S-type granitoid .
16. Taiping granodiorite in south Anhui provence is a typical syntexis type(or I type) granitoid.
17. The extent of REE enrichment and differentiation is affected by REE concentrations and distributions in the primary granitoid rocks, weathering degree, etc.
18. They are formed in geodynamic tectonic surroundings of ancient island arc, usually oc-cured in the zone of ophiolitic formation and related with proto - plutonic granitoid rocks in genesis.
19. The author has studied the size, geometry, color, transparency, type and associated minerals of zircon from Hong Kong granitoid .
20. Kudi ophiolite suite is composed of ultramafic rocks, gabbro, mantle source granitoid, basic volcanic rocks and flysch. It was formed during Sinian and Cambrian.
21. Cordillera type has a close relationship with high-temperature metamorphism and accompanied the emplacement of granitoid, giving rise to isothermal decompression and then isobaric cooling pT-t paths.
22. The enclaves are remnants of rocks which partially melted to form granitoid magma.
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