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Genetic marker in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-03-30Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: geneticgeneticsmarkermolecular geneticsgenetic engineeringmarketingfreneticspleneticMeaning: n. a specific gene that produces a recognizable trait and can be used in family or population studies. 
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1. Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism(RFLP)is a new genetic marker.
2. Conclusion The 10 STR were verified as good genetic marker with high heterozygosities and polymorphism information content in Han population.
3. Scientists looked for a genetic marker called Period 3 known to predict the effects of sleep deprivation.
4. Mitochondrial DNA as an ideal genetic marker has been successfully applied to the study of population and evolutionary genetics of crabs.
5. Single nucleotide polymorphisms(SNPs) is another new genetic marker studied after human genome project.
6. The principle and characteristic of molecular genetic marker are introduced, and its applications in goats genetic and breeding are summarized in this paper.
7. Conclusion:D12S1686 is such a valuable genetic marker that it can be used to gene linkage analysis and population genetics research.
8. They were "tagged" with a genetic marker which enabled the scientists to identify and separate so-called "germline" stem cells from which eggs and sperm are developed.
9. Conclus ion:As important and stable genetic marker, DYS19and DYS287can provide reliable evidence in evolution study.
10. As a molecular clock and genetic marker, superoxide dismutase has been widely used in evolutionary studies, population genetics, and identification of different strains in the same species.
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11. It has become a kind of new genetic marker to be used extensively in gene location, clone and research of genetic polymorphism.
12. And while Cassandra's genetic marker for nonverbal IQ is three points higher than average, Laszlo and I are just normal.
13. Conclusion As an important and stable genetic marker, DYS 287 can provide reliable evidence in evolution study.
14. And this genetic marker is common. So we're talking about a lot of people that this study potentially describes.
15. Levels of mitochondrial DNA - a female genetic marker only carried down the female line - is similar all along the coast, regardless of language.
16. Research is currently in progress to detect an accurate genetic marker for the disease.
17. In the larger context your parents inherited their blood groups and other genetic markers from their ancestors.
18. The Discovery, Inheritance and Utilization of Genic Male Sterility with Genetic Marker in Maize.
19. The new drug is targeted to treat breast cancers that carry a special genetic marker, known as HER2.
20. These results preliminarily showed that the GDF9 gene is either a major gene that influences the prolificacy of Small Tail Han sheep or a molecular genetic marker in close linkage with such a gene.
21. The scientists then indexed the DNA sequences using a genetic marker as a tag.
22. Distinct genetic diversity among different strains of homogeneity was found. Zymogram phenotypes could provide reliable genetic marker in identifying near relation.
23. To trace the source of meat, or even leather goods, scientists can use DNA barcoding[], which uses a short genetic marker from the sample to identify it.
24. Therefore, it still needs a further research weather or not ACE gene can be used as a genetic marker of physical exercise ability and used in training and the scientific selection of athletes.
25. The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) of fish was used to study the genetic structure as a molecular genetic marker of four populations of red common carp.
26. Objective:To explore whether detecting minimal residual disease of leukemia with hyper-methylation of the calcitonin gene as molecular genetic marker of leukemic clone to predict the prognosis.
27. These loci have been used in parent-age determination, genetic diversity and population structure, population introgression , as genetic marker gestation length and wintering survival et al.
28. AFLP has been emerged as a major new type of genetic marker with broad application in systematic, pathology, population genetics, DNA fingerprinting and quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping.
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