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Garden plant in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-11-09Updated:2017-11-09
Similar words: garden partylandscape gardenergarden of edengardengardeniagardenergardeningherb gardenMeaning: n. any of a variety of plants usually grown especially in a flower or herb garden. 
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1. Garden plants sometimes revert to type.
2. Weeds can quickly choke delicate garden plants.
3. Butterflies feed on the flowers of garden plants.
4. Send off for our illustrated catalogue of garden plants.
5. Dalgliesh could glimpse what was obviously her herb garden planted in elegant terracotta pots carefully disposed to catch the sun.
6. Ants often farm colonies of aphids on garden plants, feeding off their honeydew, while protecting the aphids from predators.
7. What about a garden planted in her honor?
8. And what about the seeds of your other garden plants?
9. Firstly we need some seeds to grow our garden plants from.
10. The project aims to sort out which garden plants can be harmful, and to define just how toxic they really are.
11. These four varieties are ideal small garden plants, as they grow on a single stem and don't need pruning.
11. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
12. The geranium is a garden plant with red, pink or white flowers.
13. European garden plant having finely cut leaves and white or pale blue flowers.
14. These Chinese elements to the modern garden plant landscape can explore ways of application and significance.
15. In the garden plant perennials such as bee balm, catmint, rosemary and other "strong-smelling" herbs thought to deter ants and other pests.
16. Urban garden plant may not only make people enjoy the beauty in visual sensation and spirit, but also provide health and quiet living environment for people.
17. Garden Plant configuration, also known as plant landscaping or landscape planting.
18. Garden plant is the primary element in the landscape design of residential districts.
19. Therefore, in garden plant conservation management, the control of plant insect pests in the exceptionally important.
20. This species has ornamental value as a garden plant.
21. Garden plant is an important element to compose the landscape(, and its beauteousness of the plants landscape reflected from the visual beauty.
22. Garden plant pest control.
23. Garden plant genetics and breeding.
24. Stocks of potatoes, apples, strawberries as well as an array of garden plants are produced in this way.
25. Translated into reality, it means a self-contained sewage treatment garden plant and a haven for Britain's natural flora.
26. Mainly using keteleeria evelyniana mast, pittosporum brevicaly and sawtooth oak garden plant landscaping modes could be used in scenic forest green.
27. Crown tidy, branches and leaves bushiness, easy to cultivate, fewer pests, flower fruit is delicious, and thus as the lovely field, home of the garden greening garden plant good.
28. Mainly using pinus armandii franch, winter cherry blossom and cryptomeria fortunei, photinia serrulata these two garden plant landscaping modes could be used in road protective greenbelt.
29. Nazi bullets were dipped in poison derived from monkshood ( Aconitum ), an extremely toxic garden plant.
30. Aphids belong to Homoptera Aphidoidea, Which are one kind of the most important garden plant pests.
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