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Gaius in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2020-10-17Updated:2020-10-17
Similar words: laiuspaiuteagain and againsiriusradiusregiusmobiusgeniusMeaning: n. Roman Emperor who succeeded Tiberius and whose uncontrolled passions resulted in manifest insanity; noted for his cruelty and tyranny; was assassinated (12-41). 
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1. Gaius claims no more than that these four expressions are typical; his list is not exhaustive.
2. Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus.
3. Gaius, whose hospitality I and the whole church here enjoy , sends you his greetings.
4. BC – The title Augustus is bestowed upon Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian by the Roman Senate.
5. What causes Gaius Baltar to see a Cylon woman in his mind?
6. The elder to Gaius the beloved, whom I love in truthfulness.
7. Alexander and Gaius and Pompeius , what are they in comparison with Diogenes and Heraclitus and Socrates?
8. It was dedicated to Roman statesman Gaius Maecenas, who had become Virgil's patron.
9. Jn. 1 The elder to Gaius the beloved, whom I love in truthfulness.
10. After eight years of war, Gaius Julius Caesar has finally completed his bloody conquest of Gaul.
11. The elder unto the wellbeloved Gaius, whom I love in the truth.
12. The elder to the beloved Gaius, whom I love in truth.
13. WBS:The elder to the well-beloved Gaius , whom I love in truth.
14. The hydraulic ash transportation gaius increasingly wide application in thermal power plant.
15. The people seized Gaius and Aristarchus, Paul's traveling companions from Macedonia, and rushed as one man into the theater.
16. Power is shared and order maintained by two soldiers, old friends, Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus and Gaius Julius Caesar.
17. I give thanks ( to God ) that I baptized none of you except Crispus and Gaius.
18. And the town was full of noise and trouble, and they all came running into the theatre, having taken by force Gaius and Aristarchus, men of Macedonia who were journeying in company with Paul.
19. The third and usually last name of a citizen of ancient Rome, as Caesar in Gaius Julius Caesar.
20. An ancient Roman road that was the principal artery between Rome and Cisalpine Gaul. It was begun in 220 bc by the Roman general Gaius Flaminius (died 217).
21. Acts 19:29 And the city was filled with confusion; and they rushed with one accord into the theater, seizing Gaius and Aristarchus of Macedonia, Paul's traveling companions.
22. In Sulla's second civil war, Sulla again marched on Rome, removed Gaius Marius the Younger, and proclaimed himself as Roman dictator.
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23. Sodiers, Pompey and the Senate have formally declared that Gaius Julius Caesar is an enemy of Rome.
24. So the city was filled with the confusion, and they rushed together into the theater, dragging with them Gaius and Aristarchus, Macedonians who were Paul's companions in travel.
25. Cor. 1:14 I thank God that I baptized none of you except Crispus and Gaius.
26. And the whole city was filled with confusion: and having caught Gaius and Aristarchus, men of Macedonia, Paul's companions in travel, they rushed with one accord into the theatre.
27. Sometime before the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Caesar's Legion has conquered a new tribe under the command of centurion Gaius Magnus, bringing the number to 87.
28. As for the meeting, first the Parthian dined with Gaius upon the Roman bank, and later Gaius supped with the king on the soil of the enemy.
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