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Epicyclic in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2020-06-23Updated:2020-06-23
Similar words: epicyclealicyclicepicycloidtricyclic antidepressantbicyclistbicyclingcyclicacyclicMeaning: adj. of or relating to an epicycle. 
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1) A description was carried out on the complicated epicyclic gear train by adopting the functional schematic diagram and the knowledge of graph theory.
2) When the meshing efficiency of closed epicyclic gear trains is computed, the method of drive-ratio is used often.
3) The epicyclic gear train is connected with the erection seat through the skip key at the internal spline of the sun gear via an internal gear ring, an epicyclic gear and a sun gear.
4) An epicyclic reduction gear with reasonable reliability and compact configuration is described in this paper.
5) Based on the principle of epicyclic belt transmission, this paper presents an optimal design method for the constructional parameters of epicyclic belt transmission.
6) This paper introduces the epicyclic reduction arrangement applied in cutting drive mechanism in pipe jacking, analyses the construction and characteristics of epicyclic reduction arrangement.
7) A permanent magnetic epicyclic gear drive was presented, and its geometry and kinematics were analysed by applying the principles of epicyclic gear drive and electromagnetics integratively.
8) An epicyclic gear system (34) is attached to the output shaft (33) of the motor, to produce an output of reduced rotational speed.
9) A kind of new typed epicyclic gear transmission with few teeth differenced inner plane motion of spur gear and possessing practical value was put forward in this study.
10) It can adopt saw cutting or epicyclic cutting type.
11) First, a dynamic model of the closed epicyclic gear trains, which is suitable to transmitting matrix, is established.
12) The analytic formulations are presented of the epicyclic motion of a spacecraft about the true anomaly and the eccentric anomaly.
13) Teh repot relative failure analyzed epicyclic gear of early serious failure make use of macrographic examination and micrographic observation and advanced correct ways.
14) A formula for calculation of resistance moment is established based on analysis of the moving characteristics of the differential epicyclic cutting tool.
15) The graph theory method for solving the electric net problem is suggested,[] which can be used in the graph theory model for epicyclic gear trains research.
16) Computer was used to simulate the machining process of tooth profiles of ring gear of epicyclic drive with eccentric wheel and push rod.
17) It is shown that the optimal method can effectively prompt the kinematic stability of epicyclic belt transmission, and may be the most effective means in designing epicyclic belt transmission.
18) A unified formula is derived for efficiency of H closed epicyclic gear train.
19) Based on the graph theory model, the formula of freedom to calculate the new circle epicyclic gear trains is deduced.
20) In this paper, a. new algorithm substituting an optimized round arc for the outline of tooth curve of an epicyclic gear tooth with long amplitude is discussed.
21) It is an important but difficult job to compute the transmission ratio and the meshing efficiency of epicyclic gear trains.
22) A new method is proposed for analysing the meshing force exerted between the pin teeth and the cycloidal gear teeth in the course of the cycloidal pin gear epicyclic transmission.
23) The principle of transmission, basic structure, transmission ratio, meshing parameters and transmission efficiency of this kind of epicyclic transmission were discussed and analyzed in this paper.
24) A roller drive has a topological structure similar to an epicyclic gearing, where both the planet gear and the ring gear have rollers as their teeth.
25) The graph theory is also applied to preliminary research on the number synthesis of the epicyclic gear trains.
26) Drive differential mechanism to rotate at the same time, and dispatches speed by the fact that the differential mechanism epicyclic gear comes true.
27) It is difficult and complicated to analyze the power-flow of the complex epicyclic gear trains and compute their transmission ratio and meshing efficiency.
28) This paper analysed the cold die forging technology of automotive epicyclic gears.
29) A unified formula is derived for efficiency of non-H closed epicyclic gear train.
30) This method is concise and intuitional for assembling gear trains. So the design and analysis of the closed epicyclic gear trains will not be difficult any longer.
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