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Electric arc in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2018-11-01Updated:2018-11-01
Similar words: electric carelectricalelectricallyelectrical outletelectrical shockelectrical powerelectrical stormelectrical plantMeaning: n. electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field. 
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1. An electric arc, or continuous spark, flows between a metal electrode and the steel.
2. In their anomalous behaviour electric arcs seemed to defy Ohm's Law and she discovered the cause of this.
3. Induction furnace, electric arc furnace, melting steel and iron.
4. The microstructure of UP - SMC struck by electric arc was observed by means of SEM ( Scanning Electron Microscopy ).
5. The electric arc furnace steel - making productivity has gained rapid progress in the recent years.
6. The D . C . double shell electric arc furnace developed by ABB is presented.
7. The DC electric arc plasma method of increasing generation rate of ultrafine iron powder is studied.
8. The shortage of contact shoe in ore smelting electric arc furnace is analysed from its performance.
9. In ungrounded systems, the duration of intermittency electric arc 's earthing over- voltage is long.
10. Electric arc is mild and centralized, low noise, beautiful welding gap.
11. The invention discloses an electric arc stud welding waveform testing device and a quality evaluating method thereof.
12. The methods for preparing carbon nanotubes including electric arc, pyrolysis and decomposition, and flame, etc.
13. Electric arc burns stability, remove tungsten consumption and assuring welding quality the workpiece cleaning function.
14. Then it elaborates the merit of direct current electric arc of discharge.
14. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
15. An electric arc is struck by contacting the electrodes.
16. A guide arc plate leads the electric arc to the arc splitter and the end close to the active contact is provided with a DC guide arc angle.
17. Mainly used in electric arc furnace steel imports, refining furnace, mining, metallurgy electric, insulation package.
18. As - mentioned factors, electric arc furnace - making enterprises will need to meet the operating rate of about 60 %.
19. Thesteel- making process for eccentric bottom tapping electric arc furnace is taken as a focus point, and adding raw materials of the taphole and its operation are described.
20. At the mean time of the high-voltage current-limiting fuse cutting off the current, the fuse will melt and boil away, and it will generate electric arc with high temperature and high pressure.
21. Heating from the arc cause vaporization of the small amount of mercury contained in the sealed tube. The mercury when vaporized becomes ionized and in the electric arc gives off UV radiation.
22. Spongy iron is the necessary raw materials for smelting - quality steel by using of electric arc furnace.
23. The perfectly designed square - wave insures the stableness and concentration of electric arc.
24. The effects welding speed, welding current and effective radius electric arc on temperature field are discussed.
25. This paper introduces and analyses various saving energy technic for electric arc furnace.
26. The stick of carbon is often used in an electric arc lamp.
27. After taken the leading place of open-health furnace, oxygen LD converter is being faced with the challenge and competition of electric arc furnace.
28. With automatic are length compensating function, stable electric are, less splashing, electric arc has high force.
29. The electric network voltage wave can be compensated automatically. The welding electric arc is stability.
30. Principles of pyrogenic process, wet process and other methods are more fully described. The feasibility of the technology of comprehensively treating electric arc furnace dust is discussed.
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