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Cutoff in a sentence

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Sentence count:87Posted:2016-12-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: cut offcut outout ofput offget out ofprosecutorcome out ofrun out ofMeaning: n. 1. a designated limit beyond which something cannot function or must be terminated 2. a route shorter than the usual one 3. a device that terminates the flow in a pipe. 
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1. The US has announced a cutoff of military aid to the country.
2. March 31 is the cutoff date for applications to be accepted.
3. With domestic politics figured in, the cutoff seems cynical in the extreme.
4. An adjustable cutoff distance value is used to determine where the contig breaks occur.
5. The aid cutoff followed a brutal coup that brought to power Gen.
6. Two youths in loose cutoff jeans stood by the bench on the sloping path, evidently completing a drug transaction.
7. The welfare cutoff is prompting record numbers of people to apply for citizenship.
8. The immigrant-aid cutoff was controversial at the time the legislation was enacted.
9. These cutoff values are by no means recommended values.
10. B: Yes, but the cutoff date is next Friday.
11. Grade cutoff is sharp within inches.
12. The United States resisted an arms cutoff.
13. I find several cutoff wavelength wavelength under different voltage.
14. The cutoff wavelength of the rectangular coaxial waveguide in the coupling region is calculated by boundary element method.
15. The cutoff wavelength of ridge waveguide is very closed to the ridge position. It can be changed by changing the ridge position.
16. There is no absolutely sharp cutoff distinguishing galaxies from globular clusters.
17. The pile cutoff and tbe shrinking - diameter piles are discovered and numbered in rather large proportion.
18. Cutoff refers to plate current cutting off on one side of a push-pull pair for a portion of the cycle(, while the other side continues to function.
19. Ratios could serve to guide the selection of age-specific blood pressure cutoff levels for treatment.
20. The image intensifiers are protected with high - light cutoff
21. The solution to light pollution is to use lower - wattage outdoor bulbs and full cutoff shielding.
22. Then the graph of the changes of group and energy velocity with the length of cutoff region and the main frequency of the wave packet is received.
23. The results showed that ultra filtration by the molecular mass cutoff 10000 was suitable for egg white, the desalinization rate was 83.81%, and the protein retention was 86.1%.
24. Using the serial port to send data to realize programmable gain settings and using the GPIO port to set the low-pass filter's cutoff frequency.
25. There is no spectral overlap or mixing as non compressed sounds below the cutoff frequency are not affected.
26. Based on the man made geological process of geosciences, this paper discusses the serious consequences and perniciousness of the cutoff in the lower reaches of the Yellow River.
27. Receiver operating characteristic curve (ROC) was used to evaluate the cutoff value of S-CEA level as a predicting factor for the prognosis of CRC.
28. It has a fully working Stephenson link motion for reversing and controlling the point of cutoff of both cylinders.
29. The width of the rectangular cavity was found to affect the cutoff frequency of the device most significantly, while the length of the cavity has least influence.
30. Increasing the effective inductance makes it easy to control the cutoff frequency characteristics of the DGS planar circuits.
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