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Customer name in a sentence

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1. By using the customer name or reference in the code, you are instantly dating your code and limiting its use.
2. The third example shows how to find a customer name and how to delete it.
3. Retrieve the customer name, discount, credit information from CUSTOMER.
3. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
4. You can pass customer ID or customer name or customer's social security number as the value of the findby query parameter.
5. The customer name has been changed but the technical details of the problem and the solution are accurate.
6. The customer name is added using the POST request method, while the order ID is generated.
7. The date, invoice number, customer name, and amount are entered separately for each transaction.
8. The customer name and address, for example, is unlikely to change.
9. If the account representative cannot find a customer name in the Core application, still another bookmark is used to open the contacts application, known as the NAB Plus.
10. Bachman formally defined each bit of data typologically as an "element," such as "customer name" or "order number."
11. There are three different pieces of information you need from each line: the seven-digit customer number, the customer name, and the single character customer type.
12. The expression would allow you to also add in the customer name for each order.
13. An alternative design would be for the application to directly send the email since the application now has the customer name and email address isolated.
14. The ListCustomer stored procedure provides a list of eligible customers by customer name, customer number, and date of birth (see Figure 2).
15. A business object map will be the means of reducing the customer data to only the customer name and email address.
16. The application program asks the DBMS for data by field pine, for example, I coded representation of "give customer name and balance due" would be sent to he DBMS.
17. Improve data quality and consistency for critical information needs, such as customer name and address.
18. Show me the example fields viewed by Sales Reps, then grouped by Customer Name.
19. The sample provided with this article does just that: The customer ID, customer name, and order items are stored as values in their own columns.
20. A table is created for the Customer, which includes fields for Customer ID and Customer Name.
21. Both indexes defined above are eligible to evaluate the XMLEXISTS predicate on the customer name.
22. This means you must create an interface map between the components and use the business object map you just created so that only the customer name and email address are passed on.
23. You can then get or set the data for each property, whether the property holds a data item, such as a customer name, or a reference to another data object.
24. The application will pick up the XML file and reduce the information to just the customer name and email address.
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