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Creative person in a sentence

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Similar words: creativecreative activitycreativelyrecreativeuncreativeprocreativecreativenesscreative thinkingMeaning: n. a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination. 
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1 Like so many creative people he was never satisfied.
2 It was musical chairs. Creative people would switch jobs just to get more money.
3 The intensity of creative people varies in degree.
4 At the start, we introduced ourselves: most were creative people or professionals, aged between 25 and 35.
5 As Dave notes, they both work more than half-time and supply the input of two creative people.
6 This type of analysis is helpful to agency creative people, but has practical limitations.
7 Let's, like, build our own company that will look after the interests of creative people like us.
8 Working closely with other creative people at Black Mountain, artists often experienced accelerated creative growth.
9 One of the best things about advertising is the people, creative people that is.
10 Creative people can be hostile to research, and your findings should be tactfully presented and not issued as orders.
11 For the creative person, fear is always nearby.
12 Everyone is a creative person.
13 A really good creative person is more interested in earnestness than in glibness and take more satisfaction out of converting people than in "wowing" them .
14 This double pressure forces a creative person to turn his attention to private life.
15 A creative person will almost never follow a set pattern in developing an idea.
16 Allow yourself to be a creative person. And think back to instances when you were creative and let those memories be proof that you really are a creative person.
17 “He’s probably the most creative person I’ve ever met,” says Sam Yagen, the chief executive of the company, who cofounded the Web site with Rudder and two other friends from Harvard.
18 Now imagine you are this creative person in the year 2010, 2025 or 2050.
19 A creative person is neither a utopianist nor an unthoughtful daredevil.
20 If you don't consider yourself to be a creative person, then you either need to get out of information architecture or look to others in your organization who can help you think creatively.
21 I don't think they take the time to sit down and think about all aspects of being a creative person.
22 Better still, never leave Little Puddington at all if you wish to be a wholly fulfilled and creative person.
23 If you're creative in a songwriting sense, then you are a creative person, period.
24 Can you imagine Pablo Picasso in a very regimented place,[] a very creative person?
25 The Myths of Innovation book has an extended set of bibliographies that goes beyond this, but if you asked me to pick four books for the creative person, these would be the set.
26 In other words, If you just come to a critical point in your life: whether to be a creative person or one that repeats the predecessors's' knowledge.
27 Rest and relaxation isn’t only vital to your health — it might also make you a more creative person.
28 Being a team worker is more important than to be a brilliantly creative person.
29 If one does not reflect, can one be labelled a creative person?
30 Not everyone think they are. If you do not see yourself as a creative person this can seriously limit your creativity, stop the flow of ideas and make you not believe in the ideas that do surface.
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