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Counterrevolution in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-08-16Updated:2017-08-16
Similar words: counterrevolutionaryoctober revolutionrevolutionrevolutionizerevolutionaryrevolutionisecuban revolutiongreen revolutionMeaning: n. a revolution whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by a previous revolution. 
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1. The consequences of the counter-revolution have been extremely bloody.
2. Such actions would be regarded as counter-revolution.
3. Two revolutions and a counter-revolution, then.
4. Unusually, there is no counter-revolution to the women's movement.
5. Talk of revolution and counter-revolution has been banned from the rhetoric of the moment.
6. So the Thatcherite counter-revolution has redefined the idea of justice.
7. By the mid-1970s collectivist policies and the constraints on government they represented were so deeply entrenched that a virtual counter-revolution was required.
8. Part of Irina Volkova would believe in a cross that might cause people to rise up and start a counter-revolution.
9. The truth is that a whiff of counter-revolution is hard to find - dismaying though that may be for party propagandists.
10. Once again, the counter-revolution has taken over the key concepts of this approach and turned them on their head.
11. The press denounces clandestine support for the counterrevolution.
12. What were the processes and techniques of this counterrevolution against privilege?
13. Indeed, the uprising was more a counterrevolution than a revolution.
14. The counterrevolution has triumphed before in France, just as reforming governments have been chucked out in Britain.Sentence dictionary
15. Eventually, however, the anti-Keynesian counterrevolution went far beyond Friedman's position, which came to seem relatively moderate compared with what his successors were saying.
16. And others may see a big difference between Gingrichian futurism and Buchananite nostalgia, between revolution and counterrevolution.
17. The official reason given for the committee's demise was that it had indulged in counterrevolution and illicit dealings with foreign powers.
18. Their ideal society collapsed around them into the Terror and then into the Counterrevolution.
19. The revolution in Stone Wall Village had been dealt a blow . The counterrevolution had struck first.
20. The Bolshevik revolution soon found itself besieged by imperial Western armies, as well as threatened by counterrevolution, urban famine and a bloody civil war.
21. In the end the revolution is bound to defeat the counterrevolution.
22. We feel that only this way we can save ourselves from getting degenerated and will prevent the revolution turning into counterrevolution .
23. Because if there was a revolution in spring – in fact, a series of quite distinct revolts, animated by something of a common spirit – there is now a counterrevolution.
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