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Chromic in a sentence

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1 Zinc plating chromic acid salt after the passivation, corrosion resistance can improve 6 to 8 times.
2 UHMWPE fiber were treated by chromic acid etching and chemical vapor depositing polypyrrole ( PPy ).
3 Two kinds of chromic material, reversible thermochromism material and reversible photochromism material were introduced and summarized.
4 In this paper, the half wave potentials of chromic acid derivatives are determinated in H 2O and DMF by polarography and selective oxidation of chromic acid derivatives is described.
5 Preparation of ultrafine chromic particles by hydrothermal reduction and size control was investigated.
6 Disgo treatment, the products, including a higher "no chromic acid" protective layer to avoid the occurrence of brittle.
7 Chromic sulfate, sodium formate and formate acid react with hydrolysis collagen were investigated by fluorescent method to get the more evidence of understanding chrome tanned mechanics.
8 In this paper, oxidative procedure of chromic acid and chromic acid derivatives is described. The selective oxidation of chromic acid derivatives is explained by their structure.
9 UHMWPE fiber is treated by chromic acid of different concentration at different temperature.
10 It was shown that both of the chromic acid corrosion and the micro-alloyed Pb can initiate homogenous corrosion pores respectively, and increase the specific capacity.
11 UHMWPE fibers were treated by chromic acid oxidation and pyrrole vapor deposition respectively.
12 Chromeplating lithium is mainly used for chromic acid and acid.
13 Ammonium bichromate (dichromate):Salt formed by neutralising chromic acid with ammonia. An orange color crystal that is soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol.
14 The paper introduces the application of chromic flotsam natrium bisulfate in the course of neutralization and pre acidification in industry of chromic acid anhydride.
15 The most sophisticated exterior touch is a thin chromic bow that runs from the headlamp to the C-pillar along the belt line, a brightwork meteor across the car's firmament. Lovely.
16 All the vessels are cleaned by chromic acid lotion to avoid the dimethyl (o - ) phthalate in the environment to pollute the samples.
17 Study Design. After undergoing L5 hemilaminectomy(, chromic gut suture was placed onto the DRG and the animals were sacrificed at various time-points.
18 Boric sulfuric acid anodizing is a new process of thin anodizing film. It may be used instead of chromic acid anodizing. This process is a "clean process" in environmental protection.
19 Gastric secrete element is excretive of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice not only strong a shot in the arm, and to mural cell, advocate cell and chromic cell of alvine be addicted to have nutrition.
20 Well, we'll ship the bichromate in steel drums and the chromic anhydride in oil cans.
21 Most of traditional polishing process formulas for stainless steel contain chromic acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid and other strongly poisonous chemicals.
22 A kind of method for analyzing the sulfate content in the roughening solution with high chromic acid content was determined.
23 Ahab's alloy is a high ni high molybdenum alloys, in nitric acid chromic acid,( sulfuric acid etc oxidizing acids has good corrosion resistance.
24 Contact with strong oxidizing acids such as nitric acid, chromic acid and so on, due to strong oxidation products will cause brittle hair, discoloration, early damage.
25 This paper studies the effects of the sulfuric acid anodizing and chromic acid anodizing on the fatigue strength in the intermediate value life zone of LY12CZ plate and LC9CS bar .
26 In the project produces oily dirt, dirt and fuel, chromic acid, lime etc scrap, decomposition leather coagulation fat.
27 A process of Cr electroplating at room temperature with low chromic anhydride content was proposed.
28 This article presents an improved method to determine the anhydrous chromic chloride content with alkaline process. This method is easy to perform, and does not cause any harmful gas.
29 Chromic dermatitis: A skin affliction resulting from attack on human tissues by salts of chromium and chromic acid. Commonly termed Chrome poisoning.
30 The porous alumina film prepared by anodization of aluminum in chromic acid under constant voltage and direct current can absorb infared wave.
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