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Chock-full in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-10-19Updated:2017-10-19
Similar words: thankfullychockrockfallthankfulthankfulnesshockshockhockeyMeaning: adj. packed full to capacity. 
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1. The whole room was chock-full of books.
2. The pond was chock-full of weeds.
3. The 32-page catalog is chock-full of things that add fun to festive occasions.
4. It is also chock-full of personal anecdotes.
5. The bean soup, chock-full of smoked ham, was delicious.
6. For Hugh the world was almost chock-full of traitors and liars and fools.
7. Peanut butter is chock-full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.
8. I didn't go home until rain chock-full.
9. The Google developer conference has been chock-full of announcements, but one that we are particularly excited about is a "20% time" project from software engineer, Moishe Lettvin.
10. Life is chock-full of fun, the key is taking the time to find it.
11. The moon's lunar soil is chock-full of helium reserves, thanks to the solar wind.Sentencedict
12. Those elderly galaxies are so chock-full of faint stars that the researchers extrapolate that the heavens contain up to three times the total number of stars previously estimated.
13. This chapter is also chock-full of references to tools, including the Interactive DisAssembler (IDA Professional).
14. But they've also been highly educational years, chock-full of useful lessons I will carry with me the rest of my life.
15. Darwin’s vision is chock-full of conversions of the most profound kind—all complex life forms originating from one or a few simple forms.
16. Life is chock-full of fun! the key is tsimilarg the time to find it.
17. Green tea is chock-full of polyphenols, phytochemicals with potent antioxidant properties that give green tea its bitter flavor.
18. And I found them: my apartment was chock-full of delicious, invisible data, ripe for the plucking.
19. Suzanna Bierwirth's Lincoln Park home is chock-full of lessons in easy elegance. Thanks to dramatic colors and artful arrangements, the tiny row house makes a grand statement.
20. These little jewels are chock-full of the health-protecting flavonoid, anthocyanin.
21. About this time in 1989, the news magazines were chock-full of cover stories pronouncing computer viruses worse than the plague and as evil as technology could get.
22. Interlaken has a reputation as an incredible summer resort. But Interlaken is also chock-full of charm in winter.
23. Last year, NASA smacked a spent Centaur rocket into a shadowed lunar crater and blew out the first definite signs that the moon is chock-full of water.
24. In this ancient Egyptian prescription, most important, liver is chock-full of vitamin A, which does wonders for your vision.
25. In April 2001, the scientists published in the journal Tissue Engineering their discovery that adipose tissue is chock-full of stem cells.
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