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Chlorobenzene in a sentence

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Sentence count:17Posted:2019-12-02Updated:2019-12-02
Similar words: nitrobenzenebenzenechloroprenechlorofluorocarbonchlorosischloroformchloroticchlorophylMeaning: n. a colorless volatile flammable liquid with an almond odor that is made from chlorine and benzene; used as a solvent and in the production of phenol and DDT and other organic compounds. 
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1. Adsorption of chlorobenzene from mixed gas by activated carbon was studied on fixed bed.
2. Chlorobenzene sulfonyl chloride was synthesized with chlorobenzene as raw material.
3. The regioselective nitration of toluene and chlorobenzene with nitrates and supported nitrates on solid acid catalysts and supports in the presence of acetic anhydride is studied.
4. A new method for the determination of residual chlorobenzene in perchloroethylene by headspace gas chromatography was developed.
5. Benotrichloride, benzyl chloride, chloroform, chloromethane, chlorobenzene, 1,4-dichlorobenzene, hexachlorobenzene, pentachlorobenzene, 1,2,4,5-tetrachloroethylene, toluene, carbon tetrachloride.
6. The chlorobenzenes studied in our paper included chlorobenzene, o-dichlorobenzene, m-dichlorobenzene, p-dichlorobenzene, 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene.
7. Mazindol was synthesized by four steps from chlorobenzene and phthalic anhydride an overall yield of 23.4 %.
8. In compounds such as chlorobenzene, bromobenzene and thiophenol it lies close to the lower limit .
9. The invention discloses a catalytic purification method of chlorobenzene waste gas.
10. The anorexic agent Mazindol was synthesized from chlorobenzene and phthalic anhydride via two new methods and its structure was determinated through UV, NMR and tautomerization .
11. Effect of the coexistence of chlorobenzene homologue on the biodegradation of chlorobenzene for chlorobenzene acclimated sludge.
12. Phytotoxicity of chlorobenzene on winter wheat and rape,(sentence dictionary) respectively were reported in the present investigation.
13. Theiryield depend on the reaction temperature , mole ratio of chlorobenzene and hydrogen sulfide, and space - velocity.
14. The Refractometric analysis of binary liquid system of benzene - chlorobenzene was investigated.
15. The determination ofp - dichlorobenzene, o - dichlorobenzene, m- dichlorobenzene, 1 , 2,4 - trichlorobenzene and chlorobenzene by gas chromatography under the same conditions was introduced.
16. 2 was prepared by the reaction of MoCI _ 5 with C _ 4 H _ 3 OCOOH in chlorobenzene.
17. By analyzing the contribution factor, a study on the oxygen consumption rate of chlorobenzene homologue under the condition of cosubstrate was conducted.
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