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Chlorite in a sentence

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Similar words: hypochloritesodium hypochloritechloricchlorinechloridechlorinitychlorinatechlorinationMeaning: n. a generally green or black mineral; it occurs as a constituent of many rocks typically in the form of a flat crystal. 
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1, These are: kaolinite, montmorillonite, illite, chlorite and vermiculite.
2, The phyllo-metamorphic minerals are sericite, chlorite, clinochlore and talc.
3, Of these minerals, kaolinite, illite and chlorite are commonest.
4, Transformation of smectite to illite and chlorite is also mainly took place in this stage.
5, Diagenetically authigenic minerals are dominantly kaolinite, chlorite, siliceous, and ferruginous calcite.
6, Features of sodium chlorite bleaching for cotton knits are described.
7, Diagenetic minerals are mainly thin film shaped chlorite and increasing shaped quartz minerals. There are autogenous apatites, filled silicious and carbonate minerals as well.
8, A new Preparation of perchloric acid and sodium chlorite from sodium chlorate via - oxidation - reduction reaction is reported.
9, Glauconite, hematite - limonite and some chlorite are formed in syndiagenesis.
10, Sodium chlorite is a kind of latest, efficient bleacher and bactericide.
11, The effect of stabilized sodium chlorite on the preservation of strawberry was studied.
12, We are used to sanitize the sewage by liquid chlorine and natrium chlorite.
13, Clay fraction is dominated by illite and kaolinite with small proportions of smectite,( chlorite and vermiculite.
14, If necessary, nylon, acrylic and polyester fibers may be bleached with sodium chlorite under acidic conditions.
15, Besides proposing the normal solution method, the control method using chlorite was investigated in detail.
16, Ore-bearing rocks in the deposit are mainly actinolite tremolite and chlorite tremolite.
17, Thin ctenoid dolomite and a little amount of opal or chlorite cement was gradually formed in pores during penecontemporaneous and shallow burial stages.
18, The high loss of weight and soybean protein during chlorite bleaching greatly decreased the dyeability of soybean fibers.
19, The alabandite and getchellite of hydrothermal origin, cement anatase of alkaline volcanic origin, and the high content of chlorite in coal were fist found in coals.
20, After the separation of quartz and calcite by flotation using anionic sodium oleate, cationic ether amine collector was used to float the chlorite, which exhibited a good selectivity.
21, The pre-exist amphibolite facies rocks in the fracture belt have been superimposed by retrograde green-schist facies with neoformation of chlorite, anthophyllite,( sericite and cordierite.
22, Linen coarse yarn is bleached with a new acid bleaching agent instead of traditional sodium chlorite.
23, The ore is composed of 30 kinds of minerals, the nickel mineral is mainly nicopyrite and the gangue minerals are chlorite, talc and so on.
24, The gangue mineral mainly consists of quartz and sericite, and then calcite, dolomite, chlorite and peat.
25, The iodometric method and visual colorimetric analysis method are suggested to employed together to detect the residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide and chlorite in the water.
26, The major mineral association in keratophyre rocks from Donggouba area is actinolite + chlorite + epidote + pumpellyite + albite.
27, The main diagenetic minerals of the sandstone include calcite, chlorite, Quarta and kaolinite.
28, Common bleaching agents are hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorite and sodium perborate.
29, The lithology and mineralogy of almandine seam deposit in sericite chlorite schist in Bilutu of Sonid Zuoqi, Inner Mongolia is studied.
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