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Baria in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2020-05-19Updated:2020-05-19
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1. We found that pitchblende contains at least two radioactive materials, one of which, accompanying bismuth, has been given the name polonium, while the other, paired with barium, has been called radium.
2. At the onset she had been referred to a surgeon and had a normal barium enema and chest x ray.
3. The diagnosis of Crohn's disease was made by colonoscopy with biopsy or characteristic radiological appearances on barium studies.
4. I was in the process of administering a barium enema.
5. In the Somogyi-Nelson procedure, barium hydroxide a d zinc sulfate are used to precipitate proteins.
6. So I went to see a man in Devonshire Place and he sent me down the road for a barium meal X-ray.
7. In this series we feel that no carcinoma was missed by barium enema in view of the follow up exceeding four years.
8. During the pre-operative period Mr Reynolds also have several investigations performed, including a barium enema and a sigmoidoscopy and biopsy.
8. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
9. Three patients refused endoscopy, two refused sigmoidoscopy, and nine patients refused to have a barium enema or colonoscopic examination.
10. Barium follow-through, gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy, barium enema, abdominal ultrasound scan, and chest radiograph were all normal.
11. This study, however, showed increased use of barium meal examinations, from 46 during 1974-7 to 86 during 1988-91.
12. If dysphagia persisted despite dilatation, barium swallow examination was undertaken to assess the oesophageal lumen.
13. Of course, if colonoscopy is used instead of barium enema there would be no need for a separate sigmoidoscopy.
14. The following year the surgeon arranged an x ray of her lumbar spine and a barium meal, which were normal.
15. A barium meal showed no definite abnormality.
16. Oesophageal radionuclide transit was evaluated in 15 patients and a barium meal was performed in five cases to confirm endoscopical findings.
17. Distal small bowel lesions may also be shown by reflux at barium enema or by entering the terminal ileum at colonoscopy.
18. She continued to have the pain and a repeat barium meal four years later was normal.
19. A small bowel barium meal and colonoscopy were performed in eight cases and gastric endosonography was performed in one patient.
20. If the patient is over 40 or has risk factors for colon carcinoma(, a barium enema is prudent.
21. Baria argued that EGS could provide up to 35% of Europe's electricity and make huge contributions in China, the US, Australia and elsewhere.
22. Baria : Yes. Yessss! Thank you my lord.
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