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Absorbed in a sentence

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Sentence count:266+22Posted:2016-09-26Updated:2016-12-13
Similar words: absorbgo to bedbedroomabsurdobsolescenceforbidorbitabstractMeaning: [əb'sɔːb]  adj. 1. giving or marked by complete attention to 2. retained without reflection 3. taken in through the pores of a surface. 
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241) Tetrandrine is well absorbed at all segments of intestine in rats.
242) The air stream breaks up into turbulence, the excess energy is absorbed by the turbulent eddies and this energy is irrecoverable. This is where the majority of the energy is wasted.
243) The 1990s boom in technology stocks absorbed larger and larger amounts of investors' money until that speculative stock surge collapsed in 2000.
244) Unlike many heartburn medications, TUMS does not need to be absorbed into your bloodstream first. which means they can take hours or days to fully work.
245) Methods:Carbon tetrabromide in the air of workplace was absorbed by 10 ml Ethanol, then analyzed by GC(ECD).
246) Much from those trips would, Spurling notes in "Pearl Buck in China, " "be absorbed and distilled a decade later in the magical opening sequence of 'The Good Earth.'
247) Thus we have the essential absorbed energy initiation unique interpretation theory frame to form have own characteristic thinking mode, and instruction creation practice.
248) Absorbed in his own thoughts, Tu Hsuehshih did not hear the quip meant for him.
249) Conclusion: DIT was absorbed in molecular form, not in form of I -.
250) But then you have some neutrons that do 235 end up being absorbed in the fuel, uranium 235 and then there's a certain likelihood that some of these neutrons absorbed in the fuel do not fission.
250) Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
251) Contrastingly , the majority of teenagers and those in their twenties already have plenty of growth factors, which is why the same products would not be fully absorbed when used by younger people.
252) In this paper waterproof sheet material and geotextile were compounded and used as stress absorbed layer , which was applied in composite pavement.
253) Byzantine Christianity had absorbed the hierarchical view of the universe propounded by late Greek philosophy.
254) It is obvious effect because refined giantarum starch forms reticulate structure, protein and impurity will be absorbed on the net, the Honey wine will be clarified.
255) The neutron absorbed dose rate distributions for ttnnour and natural histiocyte are calculated respectively based on this software and the results are analyzed.
256) Application: Apply appropriate amount to face and neck and then massage till it is absorbed; it will give a better effect if used after solarization or at night.
257) The region a duchy in 1806 and was absorbed by Prussia in 1866.
258) Modeling 2.1 Heat Transfer modeling The laser beam is gaussian in shape and results are generated for fixed values of absorbed power during each computer run.
259) Undoubtedly, children be most likely be absorbed in study not in fantasy.
260) But after Lionheart kingdom absorbed his nation, he left his own land and joined Axe and Spear to wait a day to avenge.
261) Whereas we saw in the Alcibiades the close relation between "Take care of yourself" and "Know yourself", taking care of yourself eventually became absorbed into knowing yourself.
262) According to the Roman historian Plutarch (c. 46-120 AD/CE), Mithraism began to be absorbed by the Romans during Pompey's military campaign against Cilician pirates around 70 BCE.
263) The desiccant can be reused simply by heating it up to boil off the water it's absorbed.
264) However, it does not require an absorbed vapour layer to become effective.
265) Mayonnaise can be digested and absorbed because of its emulsive state, but it is high in calories because of its high vegetable oil content.
266) They are taught to fix their minds unwaveringly upon a single subject, becoming so absorbed in it that all else is successfully blotted out of consciousness.
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