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Crematorium in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-04-07Updated:2017-04-07
Similar words: crematorymoratoriumauditoriumcremationprematurecreatorhaematologyoratorioMeaning: [‚kremə'tɔːrɪəm] n. 1. a mortuary where corpses are cremated 2. a furnace where a corpse can be burned and reduced to ashes. random good picture
1. Everyone was ordered to the crematorium in October, but a bombing spared them.
2. He claims he found a clandestine crematorium where the army was burning the bodies of Mayan villagers killed during the conflict.
3. Frankovich said the jury had found the crematorium guilty of mishandling remains and fraudulently concealing their actions from the families.
4. They stood uncomfortably outside Margate crematorium while the coffin was carried in and the relations eased themselves sadly out of hired limos.
5. On Friday the cemeteries and crematorium consultative committee will be told that burial costs will rise from £140 to £160.50.
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6. Here we're restricted to the crematorium.
7. The crematorium chapel was cold and austere.
8. Both progressed smoothly from sun-lanced church to manicured crematorium.
9. And you can also find the crematorium with running overloaded.
10. I once visited a crematorium that gave discounts to burn victims.
11. Decommission the existing crematorium after the satisfactory commissioning of the new one.
12. You know my friend Chris who owns the crematorium?
13. New cremators commissioned at the Fu Shan Crematorium.
14. Looking back, I caught sight of a lonely crematorium looming out of a pine wood. The towering red-brick chimney was giving off wisps of greyish smokes.
15. A funny thing happened to me on the way to the crematorium.
16. The next time I saw her was at the crematorium.
17. Four young girls are hanged for smuggling dynamite to blow up an Auschwitz crematorium.
18. A final document is signed by another doctor, who is the medical referee to the crematorium.
19. The undertaker then takes over, makes up our faces and carries the coffin to the crematorium.
20. Once out of sight it speeded up, heading not for the crematorium but back to the mortuary.
21. Also there is no legal obstruction to you taking the coffin to the crematorium in a station wagon.
22. His soap was handcrafted and tied with rough twine, but he made it from human fat stolen from the local crematorium.
23. I found myself staring at her, my mind devolving from the content of the short and impersonal crematorium service.
24. The survey's findings will be considered by the cemeteries and crematorium consultative committee.
25. The boys stayed away from yesterday's service at Oxford's crematorium.
26. Read in studio A public inquiry's begun into plans to burn hospital waste at an animal crematorium.
27. It was by now after two, and I had to get the album to the crematorium by five.
28. He said arranging flowers and cleaning vases was carried out by crematorium staff and was becoming very time consuming.
29. Any lone massive oak he finds growing from a low clover - covered mound marks a crematorium.
30. Thick black smoke streamed from the twin smokestacks of the town's crematorium.
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