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Sentimentality in a sentence

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Sentence count:65Posted:2017-04-20Updated:2017-04-20
Similar words: sentimentalmentalitypresentimentsentimentinstrumentalityessentialityalimentaryexperimentalMeaning: [‚sentɪmen'tælətɪ] n. 1. falsely emotional in a maudlin way 2. extravagant or affected feeling or emotion. 
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1. The director discovered a rich vein of sentimentality.
2. Sentimentality seems a characteristic of all the writers of that period.
3. The film lapses into mawkish sentimentality near the end.
4. His books are sometimes accused of sickly sentimentality.
5. In this book there is no sentimentality.
6. She criticized the cloying sentimentality of the film.
7. The movie seems to tap into a general sentimentality about animals.
8. The film is spoilt by a slightly treacly sentimentality.
9. Caring for animals is not sentimentality - it reinforces our respect for life.
9. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
10. His poetry often lapses into sentimentality.
11. Here is the pretty official groveling in sentimentality.
12. He was careful to avoid any sentimentality in his speech.
13. Sentimentality was the defining feature of old Labour's solipsism.
14. There was no sentimentality about these cottages.
15. He talked about his homeland with all the sentimentality of an expatriate.
16. Love is often a victim of its stubbornness, sentimentality, irrationality and absurdity. Dr T.P.Chia 
17. But his lack of sentimentality makes his films seem difficult and harsh and he has yet to have a commercial success.
18. Nevertheless, I recognise this as sentimentality.
19. Any tendency toward sentimentality is blasted out by the second movement's raucous and ugly woodwind and brass writing.
20. In short, a romantic fiction of unashamed sentimentality.
21. He was the first artist to depict the Highland landscape without sentimentality.
22. There's a pathos in his performance which he never lets slide into sentimentality.
23. Labour needs some one with whom it feels thoroughly unsafe, some one who can overcome its sentimentality about itself.
24. In these novels of great emotional intensity, sensibility and sentimentality lead to virtue.
25. And his win-at-all-costs upbringing in Texas politics left no room for sentimentality.
26. Occasionally, the figure subjects wobble on the edge of sentimentality.
27. The film is flawed by moments of melodrama and sentimentality.
28. There remains the niggling doubt that this delay has something to do with our muddled sentimentality towards animals.
29. Like the ring of the bell there is an authentic note which differentiates these sentiments from emotionalism or sentimentality.
30. It's all very glib, with its attempt at representing tough street realities doused with treacly sentimentality.
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