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Glamorous in a sentence

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Synonym: alluringappealingattractivebewitchingcaptivatingcharmingenchantingenthrallingenticingentrancingfascinatinginterestingSimilar words: amoroustimoroushumorousclamoramorphousvigorousmalodorousherbivorousMeaning: ['glæmrəs] adj. having an air of allure, romance and excitement. random good picture
1. Sontag has always been that rarity, a glamorous intellectual.
2. The Hollywood film idols of the 1940s were glamorous figures, adored by millions.
3. Canoeing is not seen as glamorous in the way that skiing is.
4. A glamorous life is quite different to a life of luxury.
5. She led an exciting and glamorous life.
6. It is hard work and not a glamorous job as portrayed by the media.
7. The south coast is less glamorous but full of clean and attractive hotels.
8. My job is not a very glamorous one but it does have its moments.
9. Parties, drugs,( and a stream of glamorous women - his was a life in the fast lane.
10. On television, she looks so glamorous.
11. A glamorous couple performed on the flying trapeze.
12. He thinks motherhood is glamorous - what planet is he on?
13. The most glamorous newcomer to the Volkswagen Golf range is the revamped GTi 16 valve.
14. The advertisements depict smoking as glamorous and attractive.
15. Celebrities made places like Studio glamorous to those who wanted to be celebs.
16. She lunched with glamorous peo-ple at the most talked-about restaurants and lived in a penthouse on Fifth Avenue.
17. There had never been anything glamorous about poverty in the places I had lived.
18. To an outsider it may appear to be a glamorous job.
19. For the lucky few,( there's the chance of being plucked from obscurity and thrown into the glamorous world of modelling.
20. Our special supplement is packed with inspirational ideas for healthy and glamorous hair.
21. As she became more successful, she changed her mumsy hairstyle for something more glamorous.
22. The life of an FBI agent wasn't always as glamorous as people thought.
23. Japanese investors once paid top dollar for the most glamorous hotels in the United States.
24. Working in publishing turned out to be less than glamorous.
25. Smoking is still attractive to many young people who see it as glamorous.
26. However much you try to dress it up, office work is not glamorous.
27. I was really excited about it but it was certainly not glamorous.
28. He became like a male ballet dancer - a support to lift up his glamorous partner and help her turn beautiful pirouettes.
29. Originally designed as freight ships, these may not be the most glamorous vessels afloat, but are pleasantly spacious.
30. Don McCullin says that when he was young he thought it exciting and glamorous to risk his life.
More similar words: amoroustimoroushumorousclamoramorphousvigorousmalodorousherbivorousomnivorouscarnivorousclamourmoroseenamoredboroughthoroughfactor outthoroughlyfamousrousearouseonerousfibrousgenerousnumerousrousseauludicroustorturousponderousdexterousdangerous
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