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Conjunctive in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-10-09Updated:2017-10-09
Similar words: conjunctivaconjunctivitisconjunctionin conjunction withconjuncturesubjunctivedisjunctiveinjunctionMeaning: [-tɪv] n. an uninflected function word that serves to conjoin words or phrases or clauses or sentences. adj. 1. serving or tending to connect 2. involving the joint activity of two or more. random good picture
1. Then the above learned information in the conjunctive normal form clauses is used to restrict and focus the overall search space of SAT-based test pattern generation.
2. There are few conjunctive stokes between characters except for some occasional ones. The characters are always vivid and alert, indicating the author's shrewdness and courage when writing.
3. A connective word, especially a conjunction or conjunctive adverb.
4. Conjunctive use of surface and groundwater, keep the balance of exploitation and supplement of water resources.
5. Aiming at the problem of equivalent conversion from conjunctive normal form to disjunctive normal form, an effective algorithm was proposed to construct reduction tree based on discernibility matrix.
6. As the main conjunctive mode of the steel structure, high-strengthened hexangular bolt joint auxiliary has got widely used in production.
7. These types of conjunctive words can be summarized into three types: juxtaposing, attaching, and condensing.
8. Objective To study the effect of the conjunctive - road surgery combined with laser - rhytidectomy on lower blepharoplasty.
9. An new concept of saturated conjunctive normal form is introduced and the nature of SAT problem is studied for utilizing the characteristic of saturated conjunctive normal form.
10. How are the conjunctive words structured?
11. There were tight junctional points in all the conjunctive sites. The open status was not observed.
12. And and moreover are conjunctive.
13. In the refutation tree of predicate calculus, the proved conjunctive formula.
14. In further discussion points out that the difference reflected by conjunctive words regarding their embedding capacity is conditioned by their own syntactic and semantic properties.
15. This paper presents a fast and efficient algorithm for discovering exceptional rules from data sets. This algorithm permits that the consequent of a rule is a conjunctive normal form.
16. First, the constraints are processed in the software system, namely, the constraints are converted to conjunctive normal form, and then converted to Boolean expression.
17. First, for phonetic fuzziness, the main cause is the tiny change of the cooperative move of the vocal organs and the influence of conjunctive sounds in different contexts.
18. The application result showed that the model can realize conjunctive use of surface water and underground water in deed and improve water resources use efficiency.
19. With respect to the principal disjunctive normal form and the principal conjunctive normal form,( we also approach the properties of the subscript sets derived from the minimum term and maximum term.
20. Conclusion MR studies clearly show the residual lumen and thrombosis of GIAs. MR study is an important conjunctive tool of the DSA studies in diagnosis GIA.
21. An inner iteration technique is developed to implement the conjunctive conditions of the interface between the fluid domain and the porous media.
22. This article is meant to study this problem from functional point of view. It is classified into the conjunctive adjunct and the modal adjunct.
23. Based on the max-plus algebraic model, referring to automata theory and lattice theory, by the definitions of conjunctive and disjunctive functions, a supervisory controller was put forward.
24. It also makes thorough and careful research into SunZi's compound sentences and sentence groups, including their structure gradations, semantic relations, conjunctive means and their differences.
25. There are three types of syntheses in desiring machine: Connective synthesis, disjunctive synthesis, and conjunctive synthesis.
26. In the material composed of the concept with the high level of abstraction, pupils tend to use hybrid strategy and conjunctive strategy.
27. This paper presents an approach to settle the latter problem-the minimal subsets can be found out in the minimal disjunctive form or the minimal conjunctive form of a logical function.
28. With respect to the textual themes, the Chinese research article abstracts were dominated by conjunctive adjuncts (59.4%), whereas English ones were dominated by conjunctions and relatives (82.9%).
29. Proptosis, restrictive movement of the involved eye, eyelid or conjunctive congestion, decreased eyesight and palpable orbital masses were the main clinical findings.
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