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Conjuncture in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-07-14Updated:2017-07-14
Similar words: conjunctionjunctureconjunctivitisin conjunction withpunctureconjectureacupunctureinjunctionMeaning: [-tʃə] n. a critical combination of events or circumstances. random good picture
(1) The conjuncture of these two relatively autonomous processes, it was argued, has been central to the development of sports medicine.
(2) More emphasis should be placed on this conjuncture of forces than on the strike record.
(3) Rhys Davids conjuncture, went on to say that it is not wise to attribute the formula of the Eightfold Path to the Buddha Himself in the absence of more convincing evidence.
(4) At this conjuncture in our nation's affairs, we need firm leadership.
(5) Therefore, the conjuncture of ground and underground become the main character of spatial conversion.
(6) The Keweenawan Rift is located at the triple conjuncture of three blocks and there were discontinuous boundaries of lithospheres.
(7) What is it behind conjuncture?For optimistical people, it is a favourable turn.
(8) Since the public conjuncture by the "SARS "in China in 2003, the management of urban security and the construction of emergency mechanism were placed on the important agenda.
(9) Nowadays, energy conjuncture is obviously, energy storage become more and more vital. There are many advantaged factors such as high safety on deeply space as a medium for energy storage.
(10) The conjuncture of the Chinese martial arts' culture is coming into being with the tendency of pricking up.
(11) This dialectic is convergent and attains the conjuncture defined as absolute knowledge.
(12) The same theory may take on quite different political, moral and even existential meanings according to particular circumstances of context and conjuncture.
(13) These were themselves deeply implicated in the political and intellectual struggles of the conjuncture before the First War.
(14) Are we able to test claims, for example, about the way the state mediates between classes in a particular conjuncture?
(15) Science in this sense came to stand as a meta-discourse, framed by the broader contours of the conjuncture.
(16) We also need to look at the wider political conjuncture.
(17) Much of this has been aroused by institutional developments in four of the leading universities where the conjuncture of architecture and planning departments was called into question.
(18) And only in studying and theorizing the relations do you understand what the conjuncture is about, and how it's working.
(19) Compared with international Sedimentological great powers, it is indicated that both conjuncture and opportunity coexist in the sedimentary development in China.
(20) At the same time, blindness of cities' process also causes people's attention to cultivated land conjuncture.
(21) By the study of the feature of alluvial gold conjuncture, its haul distance was determined, the types of its Primary deposits assessed and the target area for ProsPecting Primary deposit defined.
(22) The point about long term shifts reminds us to look beyond the immediate conjuncture, and to think about the magnitude of the event through which we are living.
(23) Several large developing countries, including China, India, and Mexico, are expected to weather the difficult conjuncture relatively well.
(24) This topology is intended to give you some notion of the location of the point of disjuncture and conjuncture, of union and frontier, that can be occupied only by the desire of the analyst.
(25) Diesel engine has been face on both stress in the "environment pollution" and "energy conjuncture" until now.
(26) That is a reconstruction in the point of view of ecology for solving the ecological conjuncture and ecological commit.
(27) Simplification and complication, change and stabilization, the sense of safety and conjuncture are the three puzzled issues which are found in the practice of management on the basis of real cases.
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