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Nondisjunction in a sentence

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Sentence count:8Posted:2017-10-02Updated:2017-10-02
Similar words: disjunctiondisjunctivejunctioninjunctionconjunctionin conjunction withunctionfunctionMeaning: n. meiosis in which there is a failure of paired homologous chromosomes to separate; results in an abnormal number of chromosomes in the daughter cells. 
(1) At anaphase I and telophase I, chromosome nondisjunction and degenerated spindle formation resulted in multiple uneven spore production.
(2) Aneuploidy The condition, resulting from nondisjunction of homologous chromosomes at meiosis, in which one or more chromosomes are missing from or added to the normal somatic chromosome number.
(3) For wall reactors, higher heat efficiency attributes to nondisjunction of reaction and heat transfer zone.
(4) Autopolyploids may arise from the fusion of diploid gametes that have resulted from the NONDISJUNCTION of chromosomes at meiosis.
(5) The variations of CKC may be the main reason for the chromosomal nondisjunction during meiosis that is attributed to the adverse pregnancy.
(6) Conclusion: The twin girls originate from dizygotic and the extra chromosome 21 of the elder sister is from nondisjunction during the first meiotic division of the mother.
(7) Results 64% of oocytes were normal, 36% of oocytes were aneuploidy, of which 22% were due to nondisjunction and 14% unbalanced predivision.
(8) Polysomy, which includes trisomy, is the condition in which one or more chromosomes are represented more than twice in the cell. See nondisjunction.
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