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Disjunction in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-05-16Updated:2017-05-16
Antonym: junctionSimilar words: junctioninjunctionconjunctionin conjunction withunctionfunctionfunctionalcompunctionMeaning: [dɪs'dʒʌŋkʃn] n. 1. state of being disconnected 2. the act of breaking a connection. random good picture
1 Anticipated here is that always unstable disjunction between identification and desire upon which male bonding depends.
2 Tragedy of the Commons, where the disjunction between individual and population level effects leads to the potential for worst-case outcomes.
3 There is certainly a disjunction in our lives between the pace we force upon ourselves and the pace that nature affords us.
4 In a turbulent environment, diversity, contradiction and disjunction are the norm.
5 Tragicomedy gives the disjunction of the subjective and objective visions of the human situation dramatic form.
6 In fact, the disjunction between promise and reality is frequent and extensive in many political systems.
7 The disjunction between peoples and state boundaries, a central theme of this chapter, is a fundamental problem in many countries.
8 It is this disjunction which is the historic crisis of Western society.
9 Yet there is a very big disjunction here.
10 What disjunction between the majesty of those old hymns and the immodesty of this shopping season.
11 At the present time, the exclusive disjunction is still in a neglect situation,( and there are only a few studies in China.
12 However, the disjunction of trained personnel and industry requires the quick optimization of Higher Tourism Education system.
13 In this paper, disjunction of the concepts is introduced to define multielement least upper bounds, and the approximation based on them is proved the least upper approximation of a concept.
14 What matters is not just the disjunction between the majesty of those old hymns and the immodesty of this shopping season.
15 We've created disjunction between the liberal arts and sciences and our role as citizens and professionals.
16 Performs a logical disjunction on two expressions.
17 Logical disjunction, as we define it here,[] is the inclusive OR operation.
18 It is worth going through the list to see how great the disjunction is.
19 The failure of any process in meiosis can result in chromosome mal - disjunction.
20 This paper explains the proposition and propositional logic, giving the definitions, forms and usages of negation, conjunction, disjunction, implication and equivalence.
21 According to clinical observation, the complications included: arrhythmia, breakout of capsule, air embolism, thrombosis and thrombus, catheter ablation tying, disjunction, infection, etc.
22 The THOG problem is a paradigm to study the exclusive disjunction.
23 The low rate of success is due to congelation, non-shortened disjunction or mecism of disjunction time.
24 In essence, a set of classification rules can be regarded as logical disjunction of rules, so that each rule can be regarded as a disjunct.
25 Leibniz enunciated the principal properties of what we now call conjunction, disjunction, negation, identity, set inclusion, and the empty set.
26 Noise, perceived control, perceived freshness and misunderstanding all discussed as possible causes for the apparent disjunction.
27 We has discussed the mechanism of the trivalent synaptic adjustment, and it's important use to control the chiasmata and disjunction of the chromosomes.
28 Thermopsis is one of the few genera within Fabaceae with the distribution pattern of the East Asia North American disjunction.
29 Like society , it builds its unity on the disjunction.
30 There are a lot of problem based on the contradiction, such as lack of standard description, repeat construction, disjunction of resource and instruction, and the waste of reproduced resource.
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