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Distinctively in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-06-23Updated:2017-06-23
Similar words: instinctivelydistinctivedistinctivenessinstinctivedistinctiondistinctactivelyindistinctMeaning: adv. in an identifiably distinctive manner. 
1 The orchestra had a distinctively warm and mellow sound.
2 The cheese has a distinctively sharp taste.
3 Pale facial disc distinctively edged black, forming sideburns.
4 Over the years he continued to make something distinctively his own of the solo that he thought of as a poem.
5 The athletic disc jockey is a distinctively contemporary phenomenon.
6 The Deccan developed a distinctively four-square stone-built style.
7 It dyes wool a reddish brown colour, distinctively well known and often referred to in either language as crotal.
8 Can teachers wear distinctively religious clothing in public schools?
9 The distinctively figured wood facing the wings on both back and front is an unusual choice of yew.
10 They have a distinctively nutty flavour and texture.
11 His language was natural , unaffected , distinctively vivid, humorous and strongly charming.
12 It also makes his brand distinctively conceptual and lends more mystique to his name.
13 Each room is distinctively decorated with light, bright colors and floral prints.
14 Our car had to be obviously sporty and distinctively styled , with just a dash of nostalgia.
15 Distinctively elegant, the newest jacket shapes are highly defined and highly wearaBle.
16 Intramusclar fat contents acre distinctively higher sired by crossbred Duroc than by pure animals.
17 More sweepingly, he sees the rise of a distinctively Chinese popular culture as an inevitable by-product of China own rise in an emerging new world order.
18 He has a distinctively sinuous way of walking.
19 Cooper had introduced a distinctively American voice into fiction.
20 Oculus epitomizes exquisite balance distinctively complex and concentrated yet elegantly styled, with a smooth, polished texture.
21 RESULTS: The three periodontal index differed distinctively from those after the treatment.
22 Every once in a while you get to taste something distinctively different.
23 The band might evoke a gallery of role models,[] but its musical scent remains purely and distinctively Pavement.
24 In more general terms, it seems to have an intense, warm, distinctively sweet fragrance.
25 Despite these precedents, Poe's interest in journeys is also distinctively American.
26 Result: The albumen contents of liver disease cases of different types distinctively different ( P 0.01 ).
27 " Public risks " is a recent term for distinctively high - tech hazards.
28 After Japan enkindled flames of war on January 28th in Shanghai, this inclination was shown more distinctively.
29 Furthermore, at all impact power, the wear mechanism of the material changes distinctively with the time under the cyclic impact stress.
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