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Distinctiveness in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-06-08Updated:2017-06-08
Similar words: distinctiveactivenesseffectivenessdistinctioninstinctivelypositivenessassertivenessreceptivenessMeaning: [dɪ'stɪŋktɪvnɪs] n. 1. a distinguishing trait 2. utter dissimilarity. 
1 His own distinctiveness was always evident at school.
2 In liberal corporatism the institutional distinctiveness of the state becomes obscured.
3 Commonality quickly took priority over distinctiveness.
4 This does not eradicate the distinctiveness of each religion's approach.
5 The biological and psychological theories stressed this distinctiveness.
6 We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.
7 Q 10. How are the newness and distinctiveness of a design assessed?
8 Can the Distinctiveness Theory Explain the Spontaneous Self - Concept of Chinese Students?
9 Some think that the South is losing its distinctiveness.
10 Whatever the theoretical possibilities,( it is clearly more parsimonious to explain acquired distinctiveness and equivalence solely in terms of associative mechanisms.
11 Without understanding this philosophical background it is difficult to appreciate the distinctiveness of Oakeshott's critique of rationalism.
12 Some critics also argue that any qualification of economic determinism threatens the distinctiveness of Marxism.
13 It is already clear, however, that the notion of acquired distinctiveness is of central importance in discussions of perceptual learning.
14 I am impressed by the beauty of the art, by the richness and distinctiveness of Okinawan culture.
15 The woman-church movement is one expression of this impulse to reaffirm the sacrality of female distinctiveness.
16 Studies of working memory in animals may seem to be rather remote from the standard, acquired distinctiveness procedure.
17 The biological aspect of woman-centred psychological theories provides them with some theoretical distinctiveness.
18 Both the gender associations of the form and the connoisseurship of its stylistic refinements led to much theorizing on the distinctiveness of tz'u relative to its competing verse form, shih .
19 As a Chinese, we should accept it and try to taste its distinctiveness.
20 Classical Chinese poetry is characterized by its terseness in language, abstruseness in meaning, richness in imagery, sharpness in emotion, and distinctiveness in rhyme and rhythm.
21 Classical Chinese poetry, with terseness in language, implicit emotion, abstruseness in ideorealm, and distinctiveness in rhythm and rhyme, has been praised as the treasure of Chinese culture.
22 The key points of substantive examination is the examination of distinctiveness and function.
23 Classical Chinese Poetry (CCP) is characterized by its terseness in language, abstruseness in meaning, richness in imagery, sharpness in emotion, and distinctiveness in rhyme and rhythm.
24 The trademark legislation in our country should provide different protect to trademarks according distinctiveness.
25 Based on the competition policy, it shall be divided into de facto distinctiveness and de jure distinctiveness.
26 The important reasons for Kyocera s success are to create constantly and to keep its distinctiveness.
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