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Conjunctiva in a sentence

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Sentence count:68Posted:2017-10-07Updated:2017-10-07
Similar words: conjunctivitisconjunctionin conjunction withconjunctureinjunctionsubjunctivedisjunctivejunctionMeaning: [‚kɒndʒʌŋk'taɪvə] n. a transparent membrane covering the eyeball and under surface of the eyelid. random good picture
1. Several live worms were found in his conjunctiva sac.
2. The conjunctiva often remains intact, but subconjunctival bleeding can produce circumferential bloody chemosis (shown).
3. The bulbar conjunctiva was obtained by impression cytology, and the microstructure of conjunctiva was observed under the scanning electron microscopy.
4. Incisions in sclera and bulbar conjunctiva were stitched up.
5. Bulbar conjunctiva may act as a local lymph node of Mooren's ulcer.
6. Inflammation of the conjunctiva, characterized by redness and a discharge.
7. Excess scarring of the conjunctiva is the major cause to the failure of glaucoma filtering surgery.
8. Extreme dryness and thickening of the conjunctiva, often resulting from a deficiency of vitamin A.
9. Conclusions: AMT can effectively restore the epithelization of conjunctiva surface, inhibit scar formation and reduce complications after conjunctiva defect.
10. Direct contact is most likely to lead to infection of the skin, conjunctiva or mucous membrane.
11. After the pterygium was excised, the bare sclera was covered by grafting auto conjunctiva.
12. Objective:To study the influence on the recurrence of pterygium treated by limbal stem cells and bulbar conjunctiva autograft transplantation.
13. Results Initial evaluation revealed the presence of an area of scleral melt and epithelial defect with an underlying calcific plaque over the necrotic area in the nasal conjunctiva.
14. Never let the Salbes mineral salt water into eyes as to avoid any damage to conjunctiva.
15. The reason that was failure is scar of between sclera lamella and bulbe r conjunctiva.
16. Objective To discuss the mechanism of ketorolac tromethmine eye drops in rabbits dry eye with alkali burns in conjunctiva by observing the immunopathologic process after it was used.
17. Using the methods of weighting integrate value, observation of bulbar conjunctiva microcirculation has been studied in 30 cases of patients and normal peoples respectively.
18. Methods The immunohistochemical methods PABC was performed in study of expression of MUC5AC in 19 pterygial specimens and 5 normal conjunctiva.
19. Sensible antibiotic eye drop can reduce the bacteria in the conjunctiva and prevent the postoperative infection.
20. Objective To study the T lymphocytic feature and relationship between bulbar conjunctiva and labial gland in patients with Sjogren s Syndrome(SS).
21. CONCLUSION Polygonatum polysaccharide eyedrops 0.8 % could be effect on improvement of conjunctiva in experimental dry eye.
22. A . Inspect eye position with eyes open. Note if any portion of lower conjunctiva is visible.
23. Methods The pterygium of 126 cases (126 eyes) was excised under operating microscope and an autograft of conjunctiva was transplanted. The patients were followed-up for 2-36 months.
24. AIM : To evaluate a technique of limbal reconstruction pterygium through surgery using flaps of adjacent limbal conjunctiva.
25. The other manifestations included changes of the limbs, bulbar conjunctiva hyperemia, lesion of oral mucous membrane, erythra(, deradenoncus and coronary arteriectasis.
26. K14 was mainly in the epithelial layer of palpebral mucocutaneous junction and palpebral conjunctiva.
27. Objective : Pterygium formation is the process of the arising and extending of wing-shaped fold of fibrovascular tissue from the interpalpebral conjunctiva to the cornea.
28. The features of CCF were also resolved, which included proptosis, ophthalmoplegia, chemotic conjunctiva[], orbital bruit and fundus changes.
29. Because lachrymal bursa flesh breaks down, reach the reason such as conjunctivitis, inside next conjunctiva bursa, often tear accumulates sluggish or spill over.
30. A . Inspect eye position eyes open. Note if any portion of lower conjunctiva is visible.
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