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Disjunctive in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-06-10Updated:2017-06-10
Similar words: disjunctiondistinctivedistinctivenessjunctioninjunctionconjunctionin conjunction withinstinctivelyMeaning: [-ktɪv] adj. serving or tending to divide or separate. 
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1. Such a non-natural concept is disjunctive.
2. This disjunctive, unfinished quality challenges readers to establish an order which the text does not entirely provide for them.
3. With respect to the principal disjunctive normal form and the principal conjunctive normal form, we also approach the properties of the subscript sets derived from the minimum term and maximum term.
4. The application of disjunctive syllogism contributes to the judgment of the nature of a case, reduction of investigation areas, and proof of investigation suppositions.
5. Because you let me have that kind of disjunctive felling.
6. Michael Whittle's art concerning biology records the disjunctive dialogue between mind and nature.
7. The disjunctive reasoning is an important reasoning in the process of detection of crimes.
8. The disjunctive proposition has two aspects of independence of two important cornerstones for logic
9. Categoricalness implies another property which he called it disjunctive.
10. This model is in a special form called disjunctive normal form ( DNF ).
11. Disjunctive shade had better use two kinds two tonal double-faced, give a person sense of a kind of change.
12. Disjunctive words coexistence refers to two disjunctive words being used in a sentence.
13. The application of disjunctive syllogism is indispensable to investigation, which has been proved by investigation practice for a long time.
14. Hypothetical plus disjunctive inference takes hypothetical proposition and disjunctive proposition as its premises, out which 12 inference models may be produced.
15. One virtue of clustering is that it can often invent disjunctive ones.
16. Firstly, a classification-tree is constructed based on specification of the test object, and then test cases obtained from the classification-tree are refined by generating a disjunctive normal form.
17. If you've studied logic theory, you might recognize the normal-form representation (with no nested alternatives) as equivalent to the disjunctive normal form of a logic expression.
18. Based on the max-plus algebraic model, referring to automata theory and lattice theory, by the definitions of conjunctive and disjunctive functions, a supervisory controller was put forward.
19. Aiming at the problem of equivalent conversion from conjunctive normal form to disjunctive normal form, an effective algorithm was proposed to construct reduction tree based on discernibility matrix.
20. Because you let me have that kind of not to think a disjunctive felling.
21. There are three types of syntheses in desiring machine: Connective synthesis, disjunctive synthesis, and conjunctive synthesis.
22. This paper presents a multiclass neural network classifier to learn disjunctive fuzzy information in the feature space.
23. The paper analyzes the contents of exclusive logical thinking, its manifestation in economic activities, and its relationship with the law of excluded middle and disjunctive inference.
24. This paper presents an approach to settle the latter problem-the minimal subsets can be found out in the minimal disjunctive form or the minimal conjunctive form of a logical function.
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