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Configured in a sentence

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Sentence count:209Posted:2017-11-07Updated:2017-11-07
Similar words: configureconfigurationfigureddisfiguredfigurefigure onfigure infigure outMeaning: [-'fɪgə] adj. organized so as to give configuration to. random good picture
(1) This plane is configured for our air force.
(2) Once installed FAXgrabber can be configured to monitor fax activity automatically and to convert everything to text as soon as it arrives.
(3) The registered version is configured for your time and place of birth which makes it even more accurate.
(4) Denali is configured at three levels: low-end E series models 15, 25 and 35 offer mid-range graphics performance.
(5) One or two subsystems can be configured on a single SCSI system bus.
(6) The RCS must be in the CONFIGURED state before this operation is performed.
(7) A flat , curved, usually wooden missile configured so that when hurled it returns to the thrower.
(8) The clocking circuit configured to provide the pull-up current to an internal node in response to a clock signal having the input supply voltage and the ground voltage.
(9) As configured, each message is replicated once in another grid JVM and will be processed there if a primary partition goes down.
(10) This list is usually configured by the system administrator.
(11) The FTPS Server is configured such that no file retrieval is possible.
(12) For the performance study, we configured the appropriate garbage collection algorithm, page size and heap size on each OS and hardware configuration tested.
(13) When configured in high security mode, the secure proxy server will route application requests based on static route data.
(14) Each antenna can be configured for simplex or duplex operation, allowing the system to also be operated as an airborne microwave repeater.
(15) Due to isolation transformer not as standard product configured in UPS, it has to be purchased separately as per actual need during selection of UPS .
(16) The corporation provides travel agents with specialized services that can be configured according to the needs of the marketplace or the customer.
(17) Sometimes it is useful to set up a single printer as several devices, each configured to a different printer mode.
(18) When you install the software, the drive is automatically recognized and configured.
(19) The same was true when a search program was configured to be "helpful" or "unhelpful" in some search tasks participants performed.
(20) As the institutional resources and development space are governmentally configured, institutions are inclined to cater to the will of the government in order to gain more resources and chances.
(21) In the hardware, the clock circuit is designed, and the baud rate is configured.
(22) Similar to application server multi-tenancy, transaction multi-tenancy can be configured and programmed to leverage a nonsegregated or segregated approach.
(23) The paper introduces the way for accessing, saving and modifying access information configured to acquire database access link word.
(24) This step is a basic check to ensure that you have installed ODM and configured it correctly to access the archived file or collection you want to use in the Cognos report creation.
(25) Figure 5 shows test cases belonging to a scenario subplan that has been configured for two specific platforms.
(26) The ligating structure includes a channel (48) that is configured to receive a corrective device (16) therein and to restrict the corrective device from movement relative to the tooth bonding pad.
(27) Reconfigurable hardware unit is the kernel element of the reconfigurable computing system, which could be configured into diverse hardware logic to achieve multiple functions and applications.
(28) A separate boot loader must then be installed into the MBR and configured to pass control to the secondary boot loader.
(29) The hostname on one router must match the username the other router has configured.
(30) The equipment's software and hardware design both take modular method, each function module can be configured according to the real requirement and constructed flexibly.
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